Those in the Tourist Centers

Why Jesus Chose Capernaum—During His earthly ministry, the Saviour took advantage of the opportunities to be found along the great thoroughfares of travel. It was at Capernaum that Jesus dwelt at the intervals of His journeys to and fro, and it came to be known as “His own city.” This city was well adapted to be the center of the Saviour's work. Being on the highway from Damascus to Jerusalem and Egypt, and to the Mediterranean Sea, it was a great thoroughfare of travel. People from many lands passed through the city, or tarried for rest on their journeyings to and fro. Here Jesus could meet all nations and all ranks, the rich and great, as well as the poor and lowly; and His lessons would be carried to other countries and into many households. Investigation of the prophecies would thus be excited; attention would be directed to the Saviour, and His mission would be brought before the world.—Testimonies For The Church 9:121 (1909). Ev 584.3

To Arrest the Attention of the Multitude—In the world-renowned health resorts and centers of tourist traffic, crowded with many thousands of seekers after health and pleasure, there should be stationed ministers and canvassers capable of arresting the attention of the multitudes. Let these workers watch their chance for presenting the message for this time, and hold meetings as they have opportunity. Let them be quick to seize opportunities to speak to the people. Accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit, let them meet the people with the message borne by John the Baptist, “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 3:2. The Word of God is to be presented with clearness and power, that those who have ears to hear may hear the truth. Thus the gospel of present truth will be placed in the way of those who know it not, and it will be accepted by not a few, and carried by them to their own homes in all parts of the world.—Testimonies For The Church 9:122 (1909). Ev 585.1

Tent Meetings in the Great Resorts—Tent meetings must be held in as many of the great tourist resorts, far and near, as the _____ Conference can work, with the laborers that they have. If ever there was need of awaking to the importance of working in such places, it is now.—Letter 138, 1902. Ev 585.2

Where the People Are Coming and Going—A special work is to be done in places where people are constantly coming and going. Christ labored in Capernaum much of the time, because this was a place through which travelers were constantly passing, and where many often tarried.—The Review and Herald, July 12, 1906. Ev 585.3

Workers for Tourist Centers—It is difficult to find capable young men and young women who can enter the cities and do effective service. In these tourist centers where many travelers come for health and pleasure, we greatly need young men who are thoroughly grounded in the truth of the third angel's message, to go around among the people, and minister to them, speaking a word in season to this one, and offering encouragement to another.—The Review and Herald, July 12, 1906. Ev 586.1