Cities of the Central States

Needs of Large Cities, Including Detroit—In New York, Detroit, and many other large cities, little has been done. The cities of the South, though kept before our people in the testimonies of God's Spirit, have been neglected. While I would not stay the hand that is stretched out to labor in far-off countries, I would have our people understand that there is a work to be done in the home field.—Letter 43, 1903. Ev 402.1

Cleveland and Cincinnati—The Lord has many precious souls in Cleveland, in Cincinnati, and other cities, who should be reached by the special truths for this time.—Manuscript 19a, 1890. Ev 402.2

Warning Chicago From Rural Working Center—For the present, some will be obliged to labor in Chicago; but these should be preparing working centers in rural districts, from which to work the city. The Lord would have His people looking about them, and securing humble, inexpensive places as centers for their work. And from time to time, larger places will come to their notice, which they will be able to secure at a surprisingly low price.—Medical Ministry, 305, 306 (1906). Ev 402.3

A Substantial Work in Denver—As the matter is laid open before me, I see that there is need of substantial work being done in Denver. In the past many things have worked against the prosperity of the work there, and this unfavorable influence is not yet entirely removed. Ev 402.4

There is a large class of colored people in Denver. Let special efforts be made for them, both by the white and the colored members of the church. Let the missionary spirit be awakened. Let earnest work be done for those who know not the truth.—Letter 84, 1901. Ev 403.1