Testimonies and Experiences Connected With The Loma Linda Sanitarium and College of Medical Evangelists


Testimonies and Experiences Connected With The Loma Linda Sanitarium and College of Medical Evangelists

Chapter 1—At the Sanitarium and School at Loma Linda

“I write to invite you to connect with our sanitarium work in Southern California. PH095 1.1

“We now have three sanitariums in the Southern part of the State. Loma Linda, the one most recently purchased, is the most desirable place I have ever seen for a sanitarium. We realize that the Lord has been very gracious to us in opening the way for us to secure this plant. Until I saw Loma Linda, I could not feel that I had seen the place that seemed in every respect to correspond with the representation that I had seen of what a sanitarium should be. I had been instructed to say to our brethren that we should have a sanitarium near Redlands and Riverside. This institution is about five miles from Redlands, and ten from Riverside. But I had no idea that we would be able to purchase Loma Linda, though we had heard that the owners were very anxious to sell the property. While I was at Takoma Park, attending the General Conference, I received a letter from Brother Burden, describing the property at Loma Linda, and informing me that the place was offered for sale for forty thousand dollars. The description given answered in every respect to that of places that I had been instructed would be offered far below their original cost. PH095 1.2

“The letter from Brother Burden I received on Friday afternoon. I asked W. C. White to telegraph immediately to Brother Burden that we should by all means secure the property. Some of our brethren connected with the Conference advised otherwise, fearing that the Conference would be more deeply involved in debt. But I followed my telegram with a letter, saying distinctly that the place should be purchased without delay. I consider that the advantages of this location authorized me to speak positively regarding this matter. I said: ‘There is sufficient money in the hands of God's people, and if we seek the Lord, He will make their hearts willing to help in this time of need. ’ PH095 2.1

“After writing to Brother Burden, the uncertainty so affected me that for several nights I was unable to sleep. I lifted my heart to God in prayer. With great anxiety I waited till at last word came that a deposit of one thousand dollars had been made and the way was open for us to secure the place.” PH095 2.2

In a letter to Eld. and Mrs. S. N. Haskell, September 15, 1905, she wrote,— PH095 2.3

“We invite Elder Haskell to come to Southern California. There is need here of the work which he can do. The Lord has opened the way before us in this field, but there have been few worker who are able to carry forward the work as it should be conducted. We need some of our old men of war to give us special help just now. We need the services of Elder Haskell in connection with the work to be carried forward at Loma Linda. An important work is opened before us for the neighboring cities—Redlands, Riverside and San Bernardino and other smaller places. PH095 2.4

“I think I have kept before you my expectations that you would spend a part of the winter in Southern California. By unmistakable representations, the Lord has given evidence that a great work is to be done in Southern California.” ... PH095 3.1

“We thank the Lord that we have a good sanitarium at Paradise Valley, seven miles from San Diego; a sanitarium at Glendale, eight miles from Los Angeles; and a large and beautiful place at Loma Linda, sixty-two miles east of Los Angeles and close to Redlands, Riverside and San Bernardino.... Loma Linda is about five miles from Redlands, five miles from San Bernardino, four miles from Colton, and nine miles from Riverside. PH095 3.2

“Redlands and Riverside are places which the Lord has shown me should be thoroughly worked.... In each of them a company of believers has been raised up, and a meeting-house built. But more work must be done there, and a work must be done in San Bernardino. PH095 3.3

“I have wished that you and your wife could come to Loma Linda, and carry on a work similar to that which you have done in other places.... By the securing of Loma Linda the Lord has opened the way for a work to be done in the neighboring cities and towns. The securing of this property at such a price as we paid for it is a miracle that should open the eyes of our understanding. If such manifest workings of God do not give us a new experience, what will? If we can not read the evidence that the time has come to work in the surrounding cities, what could be done to arouse us to action.!” ... PH095 3.4

“There should be connected with our sanitariums in various places ample facilities for the training of workers. And great care should be taken in the selection of young people to connect with our sanitariums.” ... PH095 4.1