Early Writings


Battle Creek Becomes the Publishing Center

In November, 1855, James and Ellen White and their helpers moved to Battle Creek, Michigan. The press and other pieces of printing equipment were placed in a building erected by several of the Sabbathkeeping Adventists who had furnished the money with which to establish their own printing office. As their work developed in that little city, Battle Creek became the natural headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. But it was with difficulty that James White maintained the publishing work. EW xxvi.3

As we study the background of Early Writings, it should be noted that the early Sabbathkeeping Adventists at first had a burden to reach with the Sabbath truth only their former brethren in the great Advent Awakening; that is, those who had been with them in the first and the second angels’ messages. Consequently for about seven years after 1844, their labors were very largely for Adventists who had not yet taken their stand on the third angel's message. To one familiar with the circumstances, this is understandable. EW xxvii.1