From Here to Forever


Victories for the Reformation

Such were the means which Rome invoked to quench the light of the Reformation and to restore the ignorance and superstition of the Dark Ages. But under God's blessings and the labors of noble men whom He raised up to succeed Luther, Protestantism was not overthrown. Not to the arms of princes was it to owe its strength. The humblest and least powerful nations became its strongholds. It was little Geneva; it was Holland, wrestling against the tyranny of Spain; it was bleak, sterile Sweden, that gained victories for the Reformation. HF 147.2

For nearly thirty years Calvin labored at Geneva for the advancement of the Reformation throughout Europe. His course was not faultless, nor were his doctrines free from error. But he was instrumental in promulgating truths of special importance, in maintaining Protestantism against the fast-returning tide of popery, and in promoting in the reformed churches simplicity and purity of life. HF 147.3

From Geneva, publications and teachers went out to spread the reformed doctrines. To this point the persecuted of all lands looked for instruction and encouragement. The city of Calvin became a refuge for the hunted Reformers of all Western Europe. They were welcomed and tenderly cared for; and finding a home here, they blessed the city of their adoption by their skill, their learning, and their piety. John Knox, the brave Scottish Reformer, not a few of the English Puritans, Protestants of Holland and of Spain, and the Huguenots of France, carried from Geneva the torch of truth to lighten the darkness of their native lands. HF 148.1