From Eternity Past


Today's Tower of Babel

Many turn from the plain teachings of the Bible and build up a creed from human speculations and pleasing fables. They point to their “tower” as a way to climb up to heaven. Lips of eloquence teach that the transgressor shall not die, that salvation may be secured without obedience to the law of God. If the professed followers of Christ would accept God's standard, it would bring them into unity, but so long as human wisdom is exalted above His holy Word there will be divisions and dissension. The existing confusion of conflicting creeds and sects is fitly represented by the term “Babylon,” which prophecy applies to the world-loving churches of the last days. See Revelation 14:8; 18:2. EP 73.1

The time of God's investigation is at hand. His sovereign power will be revealed; the works of human pride will be laid low. EP 73.2