From Eternity Past


King Saul Orders a Terrible Massacre

Saul affirmed to his counselors that a conspiracy had been formed against him, and with the offer of rich gifts and honor he bribed them to reveal who among his people had befriended David. Doeg the Edomite turned informer. Moved by ambition and avarice and by hatred of the priest who had reproved his sins, Doeg reported David's visit to Ahimelech in such a light as to kindle Saul's anger against the man of God. Maddened with rage, he declared that the whole family of the priest should perish. Not only Ahimelech, but the members of his father's house—“four-score and five persons that did wear a linen ephod”—were slain at the king's command by the murderous hand of Doeg. This is what Saul could do under the control of Satan. EP 479.2

This deed filled all Israel with horror. It was the king whom they had chosen that had committed this outrage. The ark was with them, but the priests of whom they had inquired were slain with the sword. EP 479.3

What would come next? EP 479.4