From Heaven With Love


Love Under All His Dealings

Jesus knew what would be the result of His words. He foresaw that His agony in Gethsemane, His betrayal and crucifixion would be to His beloved disciples a most trying ordeal. Had no previous test been given, many actuated by merely selfish motives would have been connected with them. When their Lord was condemned, when the multitude who had hailed Him as their king hissed at Him and reviled Him, when the jeering crowd cried, “Crucify Him!”—these self-seeking ones would, by renouncing their allegiance to Jesus, have brought on the disciples a bitter, heart-burdening sorrow in addition to their grief and disappointment in the ruin of their fondest hopes. The example of those who turned from Him might have carried others with them. But Jesus brought about this crisis while by His personal presence He could still strengthen the faith of His true followers. HLv 262.5

Compassionate Redeemer, who in the full knowledge of the doom that awaited Him, tenderly smoothed the way for the disciples, prepared them for their crowning trial, and strengthened them for the final test! HLv 263.1