From Heaven With Love


Chapter 31—The Sermon on the Mount

This chapter is based on Matthew 5 to 7.

Christ seldom gathered His disciples alone to receive His words. It was His work to reach the multitudes, in words of warning, entreaty, and encouragement, seeking to uplift all who would come to Him. HLv 198.1

The Sermon on the Mount, though given especially to the disciples, was spoken in the hearing of the multitude. After the ordination of the apostles, Jesus went to the seaside. In the early morning people had begun to assemble. “When they had heard what great things He did,” they “came to hear Him, and to be healed of their diseases; ... there went virtue out of Him, and healed them all.” Mark 3:8; Luke 6:17-19. HLv 198.2

The narrow beach did not afford even standing room, and Jesus led the way back to the mountainside. Reaching a level space that offered a pleasant gathering place, He seated Himself on the grass, and the disciples and the multitude followed His example. HLv 198.3

The disciples sat close beside Him, eager to understand the truths they were to make known to all lands and all ages. They believed that the kingdom was soon to be established. HLv 198.4

A feeling of expectancy pervaded the multitude also. As the people sat on the green hillside, their hearts were filled with thoughts of future glory. Scribes and Pharisees looked forward to the day when they should have dominion over the hated Romans and possess the riches and splendor of the world's great empire. Poor peasants and fishermen hoped to hear that their wretched hovels, scanty food, and fear of want were to be exchanged for mansions and ease. They hoped that Israel was soon to be honored before the nations as the chosen of the Lord, and Jerusalem exalted as the head of a universal kingdom. HLv 198.5