The Story of our Health Message



THE WIDENING influence of The Health Reformer was drawing to the Health Reform Institute many patients of means and influence. More and more frequently the managers were disappointed and pained as these would say, “Your publishing buildings and your college are first class, but your health department is third rate.” They would remain perhaps only a few days and then leave, disappointed with buildings, facilities, and physicians. So it was that, though the patronage seemed encouragingly large, a high proportion of the patients who remained were those accepted at reduced rates, and the institute was able to continue only a feeble financial existence. Speaking of these conditions, in a manner revealing a clear discernment of the key to the situation, Elder White said: SHM 203.1

“We became satisfied that our health institute could not rise to eminence and the full measure of usefulness without thoroughly educated physicians to stand at the head of it. We laid our plans to gain this point.”—The Review and Herald, May 24, 1877. SHM 203.2