The Story of our Health Message



TO FIND room for the patients who came to the newly opened Western Health Reform Institute was the first serious problem that confronted its managers. Within four months after it was opened, the medical superintendent announced that not only was every room occupied in the three buildings, but that it was necessary to find rooms in neighboring homes. “We do not dare to advertise the institution to any great extent,” he said, “for fear we shall not have place for those that may wish to come.” He felt that the need for another large building for the accommodation of the patients was imperative, and urged that the erection of such a building be begun early in the spring at a probable cost of $25,000 or more. He concluded his statement and appeal with these words: SHM 172.1

“Shall this money be raised immediately and this building erected as soon as possible? Or, shall we continue to do business on as limited a scale as at present, and in a few months from now not be able to receive at the health institute but a very small portion of those that may wish to come? I ask again, What shall be done?”The Review and Herald, January 8, 1867. SHM 172.2