Daughters of God


Chapter 6—Women as Physicians

Let it be known this day in my work for suffering humanity that there is a God in Israel, and that I am Thy servant. Let it be seen that I am working not according to my own impulse and wisdom, but according to Thy Word.—Welfare Ministry, 123, 124

Women to Receive Thorough Medical Training—In a remarkable way God has brought into our possession some of the institutions through whose agency we are to accomplish the work of reformation to which as a people we are called. At this time every talent of every worker should be regarded as a sacred trust to be used in extending the work of reform. The Lord instructed me that our sisters who have received a training that has fitted them for positions of responsibility are to serve with faithfulness and discernment in their calling, using their influence wisely and, with their brethren in the faith, obtaining an experience that will fit them for still greater usefulness.... DG 94.1

In ancient times the Lord worked in a wonderful way through consecrated women who united in His work with men whom He had chosen to stand as His representatives. He used women to gain great and decisive victories. More than once, in times of emergency, He brought them to the front and worked through them for the salvation of many lives.... DG 94.2

There are many who have ability to stand with their husbands in sanitarium work, to give treatments to the sick, and to speak words of counsel and encouragement to others. There are those who should seek an education that will fit them to act the part of physicians. DG 95.1

In this line of service a positive work needs to be done. Women as well as men are to receive a thorough medical training. They should make a special study of diseases common to women, that they may understand how to treat them. It is considered most essential that men desiring to practice medicine shall receive the broad training necessary for the following of such a profession. It is just as essential that women receive such training and obtain their diplomas certifying their right to act as physicians.—Special Testimonies, Series B 15:1, 2 (1911). DG 95.2

Larger Number of Female Physicians Needed—In our medical institutions there ought always to be women of mature age and good experience who have been trained to give treatments to the lady patients. Women should be educated and qualified just as thoroughly as possible to become practitioners in the delicate diseases which afflict women, that their secret parts should not be exposed to the notice of men. There should be a much larger number of lady physicians, educated not only to act as trained nurses, but also as physicians. It is a most horrible practice, this revealing the secret parts of women to men, or men being treated by women.—Special Testimonies, Series B 15:13, 14 (1911). DG 95.3

Husband and Wife Physicians Work Together Effectively—In the medical missionary work to be done, women should give treatment to women. A man and his wife who are both physicians can accomplish great good by laboring together. The wife can visit other women, and when she finds suffering and disease, she can consult with her husband as to the best method of helping the sufferers. We should have more women physicians than we have. When women who are sick are treated and cared for by women, a door through which Satan tries to enter is closed against him. Many cases have been presented to me where Satan has entered through this door to ruin families. Let him not obtain any advantage upon any point. DG 95.4

I wish all to understand this matter. There should be in our sanitariums women physicians who can stand by their husbands, and who can do the examining of women patients, and give them treatment. Many more sensible, thoroughly converted women should become intelligent physicians. DG 95.5

I am instructed that our sanitariums must have women physicians as well as men physicians.—Medical Ministry, 140 (1910). DG 96.1