Daughters of God


Chapter 5—Women as Teachers

Much of Ellen White's counsel regarding teachers is general; she speaks of both men and women being well qualified to teach our young people. We cite the following statements as applying equally to both genders. DG 85.1

Suitable Teachers Needed—I dwell much upon this because suitable teachers are much needed, and men and women must be fitted up in the home and in the school to do a work of ministry of which they will not be ashamed. In too many families today there is too much self-indulgence and disobedience passed by without being corrected, or else there is manifested an overbearing, masterful spirit that creates the worst evils in the dispositions of children. Parents correct them at times in such an inconsiderate way that their lives are made miserable, and they lose all respect for father, mother, brothers, and sisters. The souls of the children, God's property, the lambs of the flock, are thus prepared for Satan to work his will upon them.—Manuscript Releases 13:95 (1898). DG 85.2

Teachers to Study the Word of God—To train the young to become true soldiers of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most noble work ever given to man. Only devout and consecrated men and women, who love children and can see in them souls to be saved for the Master, should be chosen as church school teachers. Teachers who study the Word of God as it should be studied will know something of the value of the souls under their care, and from them the children will receive a true Christian education.—Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 166 (1913). DG 85.3

Need an Experience in Obeying the Lord—All who teach in our schools should have a close connection with God and a thorough understanding of His Word, that they may be able to bring divine wisdom and knowledge into the work of educating the youth for usefulness in this life and for the future, immortal life. They should be men and women who not only have a knowledge of the truth, but who are doers of the Word of God. “It is written” should be expressed in their words and by their lives. By their own practice they should teach simplicity and correct habits in everything. No man or woman should be connected with our schools as an educator who has not had an experience in obeying the Word of the Lord.—Testimonies for the Church 6:152, 153 (1900). DG 86.1

Young Women to Learn to Teach Others—We need unselfish, devoted [people] to act as educators. Young men and young women are to be brought to our schools to receive an education, that they may learn how to teach others to understand the Word of the Lord. We need ministerial laborers in every school to educate the children and youth in Bible lines, and the pastor has work to do for the teachers as well as the students. Our schools must be more like the schools of the prophets. We call upon teachers and all connected with the school to make self-sacrificing efforts. We call upon our sisters to work intelligently, devotedly, interestedly, to make the school a success. Let our churches help. God will bless all who cooperate with Him.—Manuscript Releases 6:400 (1899). DG 86.2

Women to Be Qualified to Occupy Any Position—The Lord designs that the school [Avondale] should also be a place where a training may be gained in women's work—cooking, housework, dressmaking, bookkeeping, correct reading, and pronunciation. They are to be qualified to take any post that may be offered—superintendents, Sabbath school teachers, Bible workers. They must be prepared to teach day schools for children.—Evangelism, 475 (1898). DG 86.3

Personal Qualifications of the Teacher—The principles and habits of the teacher should be considered of greater importance than even his literary qualifications. If the teacher is a sincere Christian, he will feel the necessity of having an equal interest in the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual education of his scholars. In order to exert the right influence, he should have perfect control over himself, and his own heart should be richly imbued with love for his pupils, which will be seen in his looks, words, and acts. He should have firmness of character, then he can mold the minds of his pupils, as well as to instruct them in the sciences. DG 86.4

The early education of the youth generally shapes their character for life. Those who deal with the young should be very careful to call out the qualities of the mind, that they may better know how to direct their powers, and that they may be exercised to the very best account.—The Health Reformer, September 1, 1872. DG 87.1

What the Teacher Should Be—In the choice of a teacher for the children, great care should be shown. Church school teachers should be men and women who have a humble estimate of themselves, who are not filled with vain conceit. They should be faithful workers, filled with the true missionary spirit, workers who have learned to put their trust in God and to labor in His name. They should possess the attributes of Christ's character—patience, kindness, mercy, and love; and into the daily experience they should bring the Saviour's righteousness and peace. Then, working with fragrant influence, they will give evidence of what grace can do through human agents who make God their trust.—Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, 150, 151 (1913). DG 87.2