Daughters of God


A Mother's Source of Strength

Mothers to Look to God for Strength—If woman looks to God for strength and comfort, and in His fear seeks to perform her daily duties, she will win the respect and confidence of her husband, and see her children coming to maturity honorable men and women, having moral stamina to do right. But mothers who neglect present opportunities, and let their duties and burdens fall upon others, will find that their responsibility remains the same, and they will reap in bitterness what they have sown in carelessness and neglect. There is no chance work in this life; the harvest will be determined by the character of the seed sown.—The Signs of the Times, September 9, 1886. DG 195.1

Jesus a Mother's Best Friend—If mothers would go to Christ more frequently, if they would trust Him more fully, their burdens would be lighter, and they would find rest. Jesus knows the burden of every mother. He is her best friend in every emergency. His everlasting arms support her. That Saviour whose mother struggled with poverty and privation sympathizes with every mother in her work, and hears her earnest prayers. That Saviour who went on a long journey for the purpose of relieving the anxious heart of a Canaanitish woman will do as much for the afflicted mother of today. He who gave back to the widow of Nain her only son as he was being carried to burial is today touched by the bereaved mother's woe. He who wept at the grave of Lazarus, who pardoned Mary Magdalene, who on the cross remembered His mother's needs, who after the resurrection appeared to the weeping women, and made them His messengers, is today woman's best friend, ready to 196 aid her in her need if she will trust in Him.—The Signs of the Times, August 20, 1902. DG 195.2