The Paradise Valley Sanitarium

The Paradise Valley Sanitarium


In establishing sanitariums, we are carrying out the purpose of God. This work is the work of God. Through the means of our sanitariums the sick and suffering in the highways and the byways of life are to learn of the healing power of Christ. Those who have received the light are to show in their lives that they are God's medical missionaries. By being partakers of the divine nature, they are to become colaborers with Jesus Christ in every line of work that will bring relief to suffering humanity. SpTB14 2.1

From the light given me when I was in Australia, and renewed since I came to America, I know that our work in Southern California must advance more rapidly. The people flocking to that place in search of health must hear the last message of mercy. SpTB14 2.2

For years the work in Southern California has needed help, and we now call upon our brethren and sisters who have means to spare to put it into circulation, that we may use to the very best advantage the places so well suited for our work. SpTB14 2.3

E. G. W.