Testimonies and Experiences Connected with the Loma Linda Sanitarium and College of Medical Evangelists


Near Redlands and Riverside

“I hope Brother -----, that when you see a suitable place in Redlands, which could be used as a sanitarium, offered for sale at a suitable price, you will let us know about it. We shall need a sanitarium in Redlands. Unless we start an enterprise of this kind, others will. I understand that the property owners are afraid that consumptives will come in, and thus the reputation of the place be spoiled. But, of course, we should make it clear that we are not going to establish a consumptive's home. PH094 15.1

“I merely mention this so that you and Brother Burden may keep it in view. We shall not take any steps to establish a sanitarium in Redlands until we can be assured that we are doing the right thing. Brother Burden and you can visit the place from time to time, and see what openings there are. And in all that you do be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.” PH094 15.2

“You can not think how thankful I am that there are two sanitariums in running order in Southern California. I hope that great good will be accomplished by these institutions. I was glad to read what you wrote about some belonging to the higher classes being at the San Diego Sanitarium. This is a class that we need to reach. Time is short, and the Lord would have the truth proclaimed in the highways and the byways. Angels of God will go before those who lift up the standard and wisely proclaim the truth. PH094 16.1

“In closing, I would ask you not to forget that sometime a sanitarium will be needed in Redlands. When you have opportunity, examine the field cautiously, and tell us what you find there. We must not allow others to get in ahead of us, and shut us off. Now is the time to make discreet inquiries.” PH094 16.2

“I hear that plans are being laid for Elder Simpson to leave Southern California. I had hoped to see him extend his work from Los Angeles to Redlands and Riverside. Redlands and Riverside have been presented to me as places that should be worked. These two places should not be longer neglected. Please consider the advisability of establishing a sanitarium in the vicinity of these cities with treatment rooms in each place to act as feeders to the sanitarium.” PH094 16.3

“Our people in Southern California need to awake to the magnitude of the work to be done within their own borders. Let them awake to prayer and labor. Let them manifest more spiritual vitality. They need a new conversion that they may labor untiringly for souls. Wherever there is spiritual life there will be an imparting as well as a receiving of light and blessing. The nourishment from God's Word will be received, and earnest work will be done. The act of imparting keeps open the channel for receiving. This truth our Saviour ever sought to keep before the people. PH094 17.1