Testimonies and Experiences Connected with the Loma Linda Sanitarium and College of Medical Evangelists


Testimonies and Experiences Connected with the Loma Linda Sanitarium and College of Medical Evangelists

“The God of heaven has been dishonored. You have found a place to invest means in various enterprises as though it were a virtue to leave my work in other lands to struggle with poverty and nakedness. You have not shared your abundant facilities as you might have done, even though the sacrifice required might appear large to you. PH094 4.1

Nothing that earth has given is of sufficient value to recompense the travail and burden of soul, the agony of mind that has been felt in seeing the people working at cross-purposes with God, hindering the work, and making it necessary for God to withdraw His prospering hand from the publishing association and from the conference.” PH094 4.2

“Then the test came upon the sanitarium. God has given it prosperity, not to be a means of self-exaltation, but that they might impart of their substance. When His servants were sent to Australia, you should have understood that God would work through them, and you should have exercised liberality in appropriating means to advance the work. The medical missionary work should ere this have been established upon a solid foundation. There should be no withholding of means. The Lord has let His chastening hand fall upon the Review and Herald office because they would not heed His voice. Self-sufficient managers hedged up the way that His work should not advance. The Lord calls upon the Battle Creek Sanitarium to extend her work and to place the health institution here upon a proper basis. This should have been done two years ago. The withholding tends to poverty.” PH094 6.1

“We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work.” “Christ is no longer in this world in person, to go through our cities and towns and villages, healing the sick. He has commissioned us to carry forward the medical missionary work that He began.” PH094 7.1

“If ever the Lord has spoken by me, He speaks when I say that the workers engaged in educational lines, in ministerial lines, and in medical missionary lines must stand as a unit.” “Medical missionary work is yet in its infancy. The meaning of genuine medical missionary work is known by but few. Why? Because the Saviour's plan of work has not been followed.” PH094 7.2

“Christ, the great medical missionary, is our example. He healed the sick and preached the gospel. In His service, healing and teaching were linked closely together. Today they are not to be separated. The nurses who are trained in our institutions are to be fitted to go out as medical missionary evangelists uniting the ministry of the Word with that of physical healing.” PH094 7.3

“There should be companies organized and educated most thoroughly to work as nurses, as ministers, as canvassers, as gospel students.” PH094 7.4

“From the instruction that the Lord has given me from time to time. I know there should be workers who make medical evangelistic tours among the towns and villages. Those who do this work will gather a rich harvest of souls, both from the higher and lower classes.” PH094 8.1

“Let our ministers who have gained an experience in preaching the Word, learn how to give simple treatments, and then labor intelligently as medical missionary evangelists. Christ stands before us as a pattern man, the great medical missionary, an example to all who should come after.” PH094 8.2

“The Lord calls upon our young people to enter our schools and quickly fit themselves for service. In various places, outside of cities, schools are to be established, where our youth can receive an education that would prepare them to go forth to do evangelical work and medical missionary work.” PH094 8.3