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Let Not Institutional Attractions Lure You

Those who feel like settling close to our publishing house or our sanitarium and school at Takoma Park should take counsel before they move. CL 22.3

To those who are looking toward Mountain View as a favorable place in which to live, because the Pacific Press is to be established there, I would say: Look to other parts of the world, which need the light that you have received in trust. Remember that God has given to every man his work. Choose some locality where you will have opportunity to let your light shine forth amid the moral darkness. CL 22.4

It is always the case that when an institution is established in a place, there are many families who desire to settle near it. Thus it has been in Battle Creek and in Oakland, and, to some extent, in almost every place where we have a school or a sanitarium.—Fundamentals of Christian Education, 494, 495 (1904). CL 22.5