Testimonies for the Church Regarding the Spirit of Unity


Testimonies for the Church Regarding the Spirit of Unity


There are many hundreds and thousands of people in the United States whose native language is not the English, and who, if warned of the things that are soon coming upon the world, must be warned in their own language. How to carry forward the work for all the foreign-speaking people in America is a great problem. SpTB04 2.1

At the General Conference, recently held in Washington, D. C., it was urged by some that the organization of German, Swedish, and Danish conferences, and the separation of the work of these three nationalities, carried on by the International Publishing Association, would be beneficial. The consideration of this question was to be a prominent feature of the council called at College View, September 6 to 8, 1905. At this meeting Elder Irwin read to those assembled the following testimonies regarding unity of effort, and as many who were not at the meeting ask for copies, we now send them forth in this little tract. SpTB04 2.2

W. C. W.