Special Testimony to Battle Creek Church


Cleansing of the Heart Needed

I inquire of those in responsible positions in Battle Creek, What are you doing? You have turned your back, and not your face, to the Lord. There needs to be a cleansing of the heart, the feelings, the sympathies, the words, in reference to the most momentous subjects,—the Lord God, eternity, truth. What is the message to be given at this time?—It is the third angel's message. But that light which is to fill the whole earth with its glory, has been despised by some who claim to believe the present truth. But careful how you treat it. Take off the shoes from off your feet; for you are on holy ground. Beware how you indulge the attributes of Satan, and pour contempt upon the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I know not but some have even now gone too far to return and to repent. PH154 33.1