Our Work in Washington D. C.

The Sanitarium Work—January 11, 1905

I am hoping that every stroke that is made in Takoma Park and in the city of Washington toward the upbuilding of the cause of God may tell to the glory of the Lord. PH055 25.1

It is in the order of God for the sanitarium work to begin right in the city at first. Thus the people will become acquainted with methods of rational treatment and with the success that attends the use of these methods. PH055 25.2

After the sanitarium buildings at Takoma Park are completed and occupied, the city treatment rooms will still be needed. These treatment rooms will act as a feeder for the suburban sanitarium, and many patients may be transferred from them to the sanitarium. Such a place as Washington must not be left without treatment rooms in the city proper. These two places, properly managed, will become a power of influence in medical missionary lines. PH055 25.3

Ellen G. White