Our Work in Washington D. C.

Our Work in Washington D. C.

An Open Letter

Sanitarium, Cal.,

March 6, 1905. PH055 9.1

Dear Brethren and Sisters,

Just now is the time for a deep, earnest effort to be made in Washington, the capital of our nation. I feel somewhat disappointed that the gifts that are being made toward the work in Washington do not steadily increase. The remarkable developments in the work in Washington, showing the importance of our moving there, should lead the people of God to make their offerings toward the one hundred thousand dollar fund larger and larger. The present showing should be decidedly different. My brethren and sisters, do not allow the large gifts for the work in Washington to be so few. We thank the givers of the small sums. And we know that there are those who can make larger gifts. The occasion demands that the men of means among us should bestir themselves. Our reputation is at stake. Now is the time for all to act a part. Unbelievers are looking on, and forming their opinions by the representation made. PH055 9.2

Let our ministers arouse, and fully realize the importance of the situation. Let the work in Washington become a matter of the first interest now. Let every believer in every place feel called upon to help. Let all feel that the work in Washington belongs to them, and let them do their utmost toward its advancement. PH055 10.1

Come to the front, my brethren and sisters, with your gifts and offerings. Awake to the responsibilities of the hour. We plead with the Lord to work upon minds, and to lead those who have means to realize that now is their time to help liberally in a most important crisis. PH055 10.2