Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


New Methods

I have been shown that in our educational work we are not to follow the methods that have been adopted in our older established schools. There is among us too much clinging to old customs, and because of this we are far behind where we should be in the development of the third angel's message. Because men could not comprehend the purpose of God in the plans laid before us for the education of workers, methods have been followed in some of our schools which have retarded rather than advanced the work of God. Years have passed into eternity with small results, that might have shown the accomplishment of a great work. If the Lord's will had been done by the workers in earth as the angels do it in heaven, much that now remains to be done would be already accomplished, and noble results would be seen as the fruit of missionary effort. CT 533.2

The usefulness learned on the school farm is the very education that is most essential for those who go out as missionaries to many foreign fields. If this training is given with the glory of God in view, great results will be seen. No work will be more effectual than that done by those who, having obtained an education in practical life, go forth to mission fields with the message of truth, prepared to instruct as they have been instructed. The knowledge they have obtained in the tilling of the soil and other lines of manual work, and which they carry with them to their fields of labor, will make them a blessing even in heathen lands.—Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 11 pp. 27-30. CT 534.1

The teacher should not divorce himself from the church work. Those who conduct church schools and larger schools should regard it as their privilege, not only to teach in the school, but to bring into the church with which they are connected the same talents that are used in the school. Through their work and influence, power is to be brought into the church. They are to strive to bring the church to a higher standard. CT 534.2


All through our ranks are young men and women who should be trained for positions of usefulness and influence. Education is necessary both for the proper fulfillment of the domestic duties of life and for success in every field of usefulness. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit these youth may be educated and trained so that all the powers will be given to God's service. CT 534.3