Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


Consecrated Service

There is a great work to be done by our sanitariums and schools. Time is short. What is done must be done quickly. Let those who are connected with these important instrumentalities be wholly converted. Let them not live for self, for worldly purposes, withholding themselves from full consecration to God's service. Let them give themselves, body, soul, and spirit, to God, to be used by Him in saving souls. They are not at liberty to do with themselves as they please; they belong to God, for He has bought them with the lifeblood of His only-begotten Son. And as they learn to abide in Christ, there will remain in the heart no room for selfishness. In His service they will find the fullest satisfaction. CT 522.2

Let this be taught and lived by medical missionary workers. Let these laborers tell those with whom they come in contact that the life that men and women now live will one day be examined by a just God, and that each one must now do his best, offering to God consecrated service. Those in charge of the school are to teach the students to use for the highest, holiest purpose the talents God has given them, that they may accomplish the greatest good in this world. Students need to learn what it means to have a real aim in life, and to obtain an exalted understanding of what true education means. They need to learn what it means to be true gospel medical missionaries—missionaries who can go forth to labor with the ministers of the word in needy fields. CT 523.1

Wherever there is a favorable opportunity, let our sanitariums and our schools plan to be a help and a strength to one another. The Lord would have His work move forward solidly. Let light shine forth as God designed that it should from His institutions, and let God be glorified and honored. This is the purpose and plan of Heaven in the establishment of these institutions. Let physicians and nurses, teachers and students, walk humbly with God, trusting wholly in Him as the only one who can make their work a success. CT 523.2

November 14, 1905.