Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


Perils of Worldly-Wise Teachers

All the treasures of heaven were committed to Jesus Christ, that He might impart these precious gifts to the diligent, persevering seeker. He “is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” 1 Corinthians 1:30. But even the prayers of many are so formal that they carry with them no influence for good. They are not a savor of life. CT 371.2

If teachers would humble their hearts before God and realize the responsibilities they have accepted in taking charge of the youth with the object of educating them for the future immortal life, a marked change would soon be seen in their attitude. Their prayers would not be dry and lifeless, but they would pray with the earnestness of souls who feel their peril. They would learn daily of Jesus, taking the word of God as their lesson book, having a living sense that it is the voice of God, and the atmosphere surrounding their souls would change materially. The temptation to be first would be quenched in the lessons daily learned in the school of Christ. They would not lean so confidently to their own understanding.... CT 371.3

The teachers in our schools are today in danger of following in the same track as did the Jews in Christ's day. Whatever may be their position, however they may pride themselves upon their ability to teach, unless they open the chambers of the soul temple to receive the bright rays of the Sun of Righteousness, they are written in the books of heaven as unbelievers. By precept and example they intercept the rays of light that would come to the students. Their danger is in being self-centered and too wise to be instructed. CT 372.1

We are living in a world full of corruption, and if we do not receive the living Christ into our hearts, believing and doing His words, we shall be left as blind as were the Jews. All teachers need to grasp every ray of heavenly light shed upon their pathway; for as instructors they need light. Some say, “Yes, I think I am anxious for this;” but they deceive themselves. Where do you get your light? From what fountain have you been drinking? I have the word of the Lord that not a few of the teachers have left the snow waters of Lebanon for the turbid streams of the valley. God alone can guide us safely in paths which lead to the better country. But the teachers who are not earnestly and intelligently seeking that better country are leading those under their influence to be careless and to neglect the great salvation bought for them at an infinite price. CT 372.2

A close connection with God must be maintained by all our teachers. If God should send His Holy Spirit into our schools to mold hearts, elevate the intellect, and give divine wisdom to the students, there are those who, in their present state, would interpose between God and those who need the light. They would not understand the work of the Holy Spirit; they have never understood it; in the past it has been to them as great a mystery as were Christ's lessons to the Jews. The working of the Holy Spirit of God is not to create curiosity. It is not for men to decide whether they shall lay their hands upon the manifestations of the Spirit of God. We must let God work. CT 373.1

When teachers are willing to sit in the school of Christ and learn of the Great Teacher, they will know far less in their own estimation than they do now. When God becomes the teacher, He will be acknowledged, His name will be magnified. The students will be as were the young men in the schools of the prophets, upon whom the Spirit of God came, and they prophesied. CT 373.2

The great adversary of souls is seeking to bring a dead, lifeless spiritual atmosphere into all our institutions. He works to turn and twist every circumstance to his own advantage, to the exclusion of Jesus Christ. Today, as in the days of Christ, God cannot do many mighty works because of the unbelief of those who stand in responsible positions. The converting power of God is needed before they will understand the word of God, and be willing to humble themselves before Him as learners. CT 373.3