Counsels on Stewardship


Temptation Resisted

God is very particular that all who profess to serve Him shall manifest the superiority of right principles. By the true follower of Christ every business transaction will be regarded as a part of his religion, just as prayer is a part of his religion.... CS 143.2

Satan is offering to every soul the kingdoms of this world in return for the carrying out of his will. This was the great inducement he presented to Christ in the wilderness of temptation. And so he says to many of Christ's followers. If you will follow my business methods, I will reward you with wealth. Every Christian is at some time brought to the test which will reveal his weak points of character. If the temptation is resisted, precious victories are gained. He must choose whether he will serve Christ or become a follower of the deceiver, and a worshiper of him.—The Signs of the Times, February 24, 1909. CS 144.1