Counsels on Stewardship


Need for Counsel and Cooperation

Dear Brother,

You will need in every move you make to know that you are moving in that way that you will not follow your own judgment, but the united advice of your brethren. You have failed in this work, working too much independently.... You can borrow money. But have you taken your brethren right along with you in your building plans? Have you yoked up with them, and they with you? ... One man's mind and judgment is not to be allowed to become an efficiency in any case where the building of a church is concerned. It takes every member of the church who can carry responsibilities, and the minister is not the man to lift this work alone.... This is a lesson you must learn, to seek the mind and judgment of your brethren, and not advance without their advice, counsel, and cooperation.—Letter 49, 1900. CS 262.2