Counsels on Sabbath School Work


Dependence on God

Our Sabbath schools are not what the Lord would have them to be, for there is altogether too much dependence placed upon form and machinery, while the life-giving power of God is not manifested for the conversion of souls, for whom Christ died. This order of things must be changed if our Sabbath schools meet the purpose for which they exist.... When superintendents and teachers give themselves without reserve to God, they will not only resolve, but put their resolutions into effect. As soon as the workers in Sabbath and day schools enter upon their proper work, with a full realization of their dependence upon God, the grace of Christ will be supplied to unite with their human effort. It is important that every worker should understand that conviction and conversion of souls follow the cooperation of the human effort with the divine power. CSW 156.2

A Soul-winning Ministry

Entire consecration of soul must be maintained as much by the teachers and superintendents of our Sabbath schools as by the ministers in our pulpits, for all alike are engaged in the work of bringing souls to Christ. Each in his place is to work, as did Christ, in the spirit of love, for the erring and impenitent. This is what Christ would see in the Sabbath school work.... The angels of God that behold the face of the Father in heaven are looking upon the children and youth, whom you, as living agents for God, are teaching the way of salvation. Think of this, superintendents and teachers; you are in the presence of heavenly angels, doing work the character of which will testify to your fidelity or unfaithfulness to Christ.... CSW 157.1

Aided by the Holy Spirit

The superintendents and teachers in our Sabbath schools must be converted, rescued from their habitual insensibility. The precious lessons of truth must not be taught in a tame, lifeless way; but, by daily communion with the Lord, by a reception of the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness, life-giving power must be added to their efforts to win souls to Christ. They must continually keep the mind stayed upon Christ, that the thoughts and impulses may be of a spiritual character, and that their manner and method of teaching may be subject to the dictation of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in its highest manifestation to men is to enable them to put forth their best energies, as God is working in them to will and to do of His own good pleasure. CSW 158.1

“Without Me,” Christ says, “ye can do nothing.” The worker is not to be left alone. The Spirit of God is given unto him that he may will and do of God's good pleasure, that he may make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. Then, teacher, follow the leadings of the Spirit. As the Spirit of God draws the hearts of the children and youth, you draw with tenderness and love, inviting them, and pleading with them to give their hearts to God. CSW 158.2

The children and youth are Christ's purchased possession; He has bought them with an infinite price. Jesus loves the little ones. He looks with pity upon the young, for He knows how Satan will seek to attract them into the broad way, making it look enticing to their eyes; and Jesus bids the angels to take special charge of these inexperienced souls, in their homes, in their school life, and in the Sabbath school. The Spirit is continually striving with them, seeking to draw them to God; and the laborer together with God will feel his responsibility, and will earnestly work to win souls to Christ.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 41-44. CSW 158.3