Counsels on Sabbath School Work


A Question for Every Teacher and Scholar

In studying the Scriptures, in manifesting an unselfish interest in others, in doing those things that will please the Saviour, you will grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour. Let every teacher and scholar ask, “What can I do that can be counted as good service to Him who has died that I might live?” The Master gives this answer, “Seek and save that which is lost.” You are to work in Christ's way, with patience, with interest, with determination that you will not feel discouraged as you work for time and eternity, believing that Jesus can do much through human ability consecrated to His service. What higher privilege could we desire than to be laborers together with God, making the most of our entrusted powers, that this very work may be accomplished? CSW 69.1

When young men and women are sober-minded and cultivate piety and devotion, they will let their light shine forth to others, and there will be vital power in the church. It would be well to have an hour appointed for Bible study, and let the youth, both converted and unconverted, gather together for prayer and for the relation of their experiences. The youth should have a chance to give expression to their feelings. It would be well to have a judicious leader chosen at first, one who will talk little and encourage a great deal, by dropping a word now and then to help and strengthen the youth in the beginning of their religious experiences. After they have had a little experience, let one of their number take the leadership, and then another, and in this way let workers be educated that will meet the approval of God.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 48, 49. CSW 69.2