Testimony Treasures, vol. 3


Testimony Treasures


Book 3 of Testimony Treasures forms the capsheaf to the three-book set which is to carry these precious testimony counsels to Seventh-day Adventists around the world. The articles comprising this volume were penned in the decade commencing with the year 1900—a period of well-rounded and solid development of the work of the church which had now grown to world-wide scope. 3TT 5.1

This book closes with the last formal messages to the church penned by Ellen G. White. Although these messages were given some years after Volume 9 of the Testimonies was published, it is fitting that these significant statements should be included here. 3TT 5.2

In the make-up of this volume, as in the preceding volumes, the chronological arrangement has been followed, and as an aid to the reader the date of first publication and the source of each article are noted. 3TT 5.3

The messages contained herein are of great importance to the remnant church. That the counsels to the church contained in these three volumes may be the means of leading Seventh-day Adventists throughout the world to a richer experience in grace, a deeper devotion, and more earnest endeavor in giving the Advent message to the world is the sincere wish of the publishers and 3TT 5.4

The Trustees of the

Ellen G. White Publications.