Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary



UVEOUS, a. [L. uva, a grape. Resembling a grape. The uveous coat of the eye, or uvea, is the posterior lamin of the iris; so called by the ancients, because in the animals which they dissected, it resembles an unripe grape.]

UVULA, n. [L.] A soft round spungy body, suspended from the palate near the foramina of the nostrils, over the glottis.

The small conical body projecting from the middle of the soft palate.

UXORIOUS, a. [L. uxorius, from uxor, wife.] Submissively fond of a wife.

UXORIOUSLY, adv. With fond or servile submission to a wife.

UXORIOUSNESS, n. Connubial dotage; foolish fondness for a wife.