Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary



UNRESISTINGLY, adv. Without resistance.

UNRESOLVABLE, a. s as z. That cannot be solved or resolved.

UNRESOLVED, a. s as z.

1. Not resolved; not determined.

2. Not solved; not cleared.

UNRESOLVING, a. s as z. Not resolving; undetermined.

UNRESPECTABLE, a. Not respectable. [Not used.]

UNRESPECTED, a. Not respected; not regarded with respect.

UNRESPECTIVE, a. Inattentive; taking little notice. [Not in use.]


1. Not respited.

2. Admitting no pause or intermission.


1. Not answerable; not liable.

2. Not able to answer; not having the property to respond. [Irresponsible is also used in the like sense.]

UNREST, n. Unquietness; uneasiness. [Not in use.]

UNRESTING, a. Not resting; continually in motion.


1. Not restored; not having recovered health.

2. Not restored to a former place, to favor, or to a former condition.

UNRESTRAINABLE, a. That cannot be restrained.


1. Not restrained; not controlled; not confined; not hindered.

2. Licentious; loose.

3. Not limited; as an unrestrained power; unrestrained truth.

UNRESTRAINT, n. Freedom from restraint.

UNRESTRICTED, a. Not restricted; not limited or confined.

UNRETRACTED, a. Not retracted; not recalled.

UNREVEALED, a. Not revealed; not discovered; not disclosed.


1. Not revenged; as an injury unrevenged.

2. Not vindicated by just punishment.

Scipio’s ghost walks unreveng’d.

UNREVENGEFUL, a. unrevenj’ful. Not disposed to revenge.

UNREVENUED, a. Not furnished with a revenue.


1. Not reverend.

2. Disrespectful; irreverent; as an unreverend tongue.

UNREVERENT, a. Irreverent. [The latter is chiefly used.]

UNREVERENTLY, adv. Irreverently, which see.

UNREVERSED, a. Not reversed; not annulled by a counter decision; as a judgment or decree unreversed.

UNREVISED, a. s as z. Not revised; not reviewed; not corrected.

UNREVIVED, a. Not revived; not recalled into life or force.

UNREVOKED, a. Not revoked; not recalled; not annulled.

UNREWARDED, Not rewarded; not compensated.


1. To solve or explain; as, to unriddle an enigma or mystery.

2. To explain.

And where you can’t unriddle, learn to trust.

UNRIDDLED, pp. Explained; interpreted.

UNRIDDLER, n. One who explains an enigma.

UNRIDDLING, ppr. Solving; explaining.

UNRIDICULOUS, a. Not ridiculous.

UNRIFLED, a. Not rifled; not robbed; not stripped.

UNRIG, v.t. To strip of both standing and running rigging.

UNRIGGED, pp. Stripped of rigging.

UNRIGGING, ppr. Stripping of rigging.

UNRIGHT, a. Not right; wrong. Obs.

UNRIGHTEOUS, a. unri’chus.

1. Not righteous; not just; not conformed in heart and life to the divine law; evil; wicked; used of persons.

2. Unjust; contrary to law and equity; as an unrighteous decree or sentence.

UNRIGHTEOUSLY, adv. unri’chusly. Unjustly; wickedly; sinfully.

UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, n. unri’chusness. Injustice; a violation of the divine law, or of the plain principles of justice and equity; wickedness. Unrighteousness may consist of a single unjust act, but more generally, when applied to persons, it denotes an habitual course of wickedness. Romans 1:6; 2 Corinthians 6:14.

Every transgression of the law is unrighteousness.

UNRIGHTFUL, a. Not rightful; not just.

UNRING, v.t. To deprive of a ring or of rings.

UNRIOTED, a. Free from rioting. [Not used.]

UNRIP, v.t. To rip. [This word is not merely unless, but improper.]


1. Not ripe; not mature; not brought to a state of perfection; as unripe fruit.

2. Not seasonable; not yet proper.

He fix’d his unripe vengeance to defer.

3. Not prepared; not completed; as an unripe scheme.

4. Too early; as the unripe death of Dorilaus. [Unusual.]

UNRIPENED, a. Not ripened; not matured.

UNRIPENESS, n. Want of ripeness; immaturity; as the unripeness of fruit or of a project.


1. Having no rival; having no competitor.

2. Having no equal; peerless.

UNRIVET, v.t. To loose from rivets; to unfasten.

UNRIVETED, pp. Loosed from rivets; unfastened.

UNRIVETING, ppr. Unfastening; loosing from rivets.

UNROBE, v.t. To strip of a robe; to undress; to disrobe.

UNROLL, v.t.

1. To open what is rolled or convolved; as, to unroll cloth.

2. To display.

UNROLLED, pp. Opened, as a roll; displayed.

UNROLLING, ppr. Opening, as a roll; displaying.

UNROMANIZED, a. Not subjected to Roman arms or customs.

UNROMANTIC, a. Not romantic; not fanciful.

UNROOF, v.t. To strip off the roof or covering of a house.

UNROOFED, pp. Stripped of the roof.

UNROOFING, ppr. Stripping of the roof.

UNROOSTED, a. Driven from the roost.

UNROOT, v.t. To tear up by the roots; to extirpate; to eradicate; as, to unroot an oak.

UNROOT, v.i. To be torn up by the roots.

UNROUGH, a. unruff’. Not rough; unbearded; smooth.

UNROUNDED, a. Not made round.

UNROUTED, a. Not routed; not thrown into disorder.

UNROYAL, a. Not royal; unprincely.

UNRUFFLE, v.i. To cease from being ruffled or agitated; to subside to smoothness.


1. Calm; tranquil; not agitated.

Calm and unruffled as a summer’s sea.

2. Not disturbed; not agitated; as an unruffled temper.

UNRULED, a. Not ruled; not governed; not directed by superior power or authority.

UNRULINESS, n. [from unruly.]

1. Disregard of restraint; licentiousness; turbulence; as the unruliness of men, or of their passions.

2. The disposition of a beast to break over fences and wander from an inclosure; the practice of breaking or leaping over fences.


1. Disregarding restraint; licentious; disposed to violate laws; turbulent; ungovernable; as an unruly youth.

The tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil. James 3:8.

2. Accustomed to break over fences and escape from inclosures; apt to break or leap fences; as an unruly ox.

The owner of the unruly ox paid a sum of money, as a civil penalty for the ransom of his life.

UNRUMINATED, a. Not well chewed; not well digested.

UNRUMPLE, v.t. To free from rumples; to spread or lay even.

UNSADDEN, v.t. unsad’n. To relieve from sadness.

UNSADDLE, v.t. To strip of a saddle; to take the saddle from; as, to unsaddle a horse.


1. Divested of the saddle.

2. a. Not saddled; not having a saddle on.


1. Not safe; not free from danger; exposed to harm or destruction.

2. Hazardous; as an unsafe adventure.

UNSAFELY, adv. Not safely; not without danger; in a state exposed to loss, harm or destruction.

UNSAFETY, n. State of being unsafe; exposure to danger.

UNSAID, a. unsed’. Not said; not spoken; not uttered.

UNSAINT, v.t. To deprive of saintship.

UNSAINTED, pp. Not sainted.

UNSALABLE, a. Not salable; not in demand; not meeting a ready sale; as unsalable goods.

UNSALTED, a. Not salted; not pickled; fresh; as unsalted meat.

UNSALUTED, a. Not saluted; not greeted.


1. Not sanctified; unholy.

2. Not consecrated.

UNSANCTIONED, a. Not sanctioned; not ratified; not approved; not authorized.

UNSANDALED, a. Not wearing sandals.

UNSATED, a. Not sated; not satisfied or satiated.

UNSATIABLE, a. That cannot be satisfied. [But insatiable is generally used.]

UNSATIATE, a. Not satisfied. Obs.

[Insatiate is the word now used.]

UNSATISFACTION, n. Dissatisfaction.

UNSATISFACTORILY, adv. So as not to give satisfaction.

UNSATISFACTORINESS, n. The quality or state of not being satisfactory; failure to give satisfaction.


1. Not giving satisfaction; not convincing the mind.

2. Not giving content; as an unsatisfactory compensation.

UNSATISFIABLE, a. That cannot be satisfied.


1. Not satisfied; not having enough; not filled; not gratified to the full; as unsatisfied appetites or desires.

2. Not content; not pleased; as, to be unsatisfied with the choice of an officer; to be unsatisfied with the wages or compensation allowed.

3. Not settled in opinion; not resting in confidence of the truth of any thing; as, to be unsatisfied as to the freedom of the will.

4. Not convinced or fully persuaded. The judges appeared to be unsatisfied with the evidence.

5. Not fully paid.

An execution returned unsatisfied.

UNSATISFIEDNESS, n. The state of being not satisfied or content.

UNSATISFYING, a. Not affording full gratification of appetite or desire; not giving content; not convincing the mind.