General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1



ACCORDING to appointment, the first meeting of the Institute was held in the Tabernacle at 10 A. M., Friday, February 1. There were about 300 present, and the first hour was occupied by Elder O. A. Olsen in an address, an abstract of which appears elsewhere. At 11:15 Dr. Kellogg opened a series of lectures on topics kindred to the work and design of the Medical Missionary and Benevolent Association. In the afternoon the first meeting of the Council was held, and was addressed by Elder Olsen. In the evening Prof. W. W. Prescott took up during the first hour the subject of the Divine-Human Family, treating particularly of the Head of the Family. This was followed by a discourse by Elder A. T. Jones on the Third Angel’s Message. GCB February 4, 1895, page 1.1

These addresses are given quite fully in another place and need not be particularly alluded to here. There was a goodly attendance from abroad, and in the evening the Tabernacle was well filled. There was felt by all the prevailing influence of the Spirit of God. It is evident that the servants of God have come to the meetings with a sense of the solemnity of the times upon them, expecting to receive light and power from above. If this be so, and they unitedly seek for it, they will obtain the rich blessing they desire, for God is waiting to bestow heaven’s richest blessings upon us. The first day’s meetings lead us to believe that the occasion will be one of great power and blessing to the waiting people of God. GCB February 4, 1895, page 1.2