General Conference Bulletin, vol. 2




THE Conference adjourned in College View to meet in Battle Creek, March 10. Two cars were set apart by the Burlington road for the use of the delegates to Chicago, and they were well filled. Quite a large number came over other roads. Special provision was also made by the roads running to Battle Creek from Chicago, so that the trip was made in the pleasantest and most comfortable manner possible. In fact the rail-roads have left nothing undone to show their desire to accommodate and provide for the comfort of their patrons. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.1

The meetings that were to be held here continued for about a week, though they were not crowded very closely together. The Conference held two meetings, the Publishing Association three, the Educational Society four, and the Medical Missionary Association about six. In the latter meetings steps were taken to increase the work of the association both in thoroughness and in extent. The organization was more distinctly set forth, especially on the lines of Christian Help work. There is cause for gratitude that the Lord is moving upon his people in this direction. “Bear ye one another’s burdens,” is the law of Christ. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.2

Considerable interest centered in the annual meetings of the Publishing Association and Educational Society; especially the latter. For years some have felt very strongly that our schools should be more perfectly adapted to the demands of our peculiar work and times. They have felt that usefulness in God’s cause should be the sole aim of our educational institutions, and the Association one year ago asked the General Conference to name a committee of eleven who should consider the matter of education and suggest plans at the present meeting. This was done, and their report is given in the proceedings published elsewhere. But there were a few who did not favor them. The consideration of the measures occupied most of the time of the meetings, and an issue was thus created in the choosing of trustees. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.3

The meeting was not satisfied with the result that was brought about, and at a subsequent meeting the subject of the proper use of the ballot was discussed, and a second election was held. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.4

Elder Jones gave two Bible lessons in continuation of those given at College View. Elder H. E. Robinson preached a very timely and forcible discourse Sabbath forenoon. In the afternoon Elder Bicknell spoke of the Christian Help work in Vermont, and A. T. Jones gave a brief review of the Conference and its lessons. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.5

In one form or another the General Conference and its associate meetings have extended from the latter part of January to the middle of March. It has been a time fraught with important issues attended with a large amount of perplexity and anxiety, and yet abounding in the blessing and mercy of God. It leaves no unpleasant memories, but has served more firmly to establish faith and confidence in God and in the triumph of his cause. The prospect does not indicate that the path before us is clear of difficulties and severe trials; but our past experience teaches that God rules over all, and he can make it plain. GCB January 1, 1897, page 1.6