General Conference Bulletin, vol. 3




The following preambles and resolutions were unanimously adopted:— GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.17

Whereas, The case of D. C. Babcock was referred to the General Conference Committee for further consideration and direction; and,— GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.18

Whereas, The Committee finds a condition of circumstances that renders it impracticable for Virginia to be united with the Chesapeake Conference; therefore,— GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.19

We recommend, That Delaware, Maryland, (excepting the three western counties belonging to the West Virginia Conference), and the District of Columbia constitute the Chesapeake Conference; and that the Virginia Conference remain intact as formerly, with D. C. Babcock as its president. GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.20

That the division of funds between the Atlantic and Chesapeake Conferences go into effect the first of April, 1899. GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.21

By common consent the question of the division of laborers for these two conferences was left to the presidents of the same, in counsel with the District Superintendent. GCB January 1, 1899, page 5.22