General Conference Bulletin, vol. 4



What has come to be known among us as the “Woman’s Gospel Work” was started by our beloved Sister S. M. I. Henry. After her decease, it was carried on for a time by her stenographer. At the council of the General Conference Committee held last spring, this work came up for consideration, and it was found that it had assumed such proportions that it would be unwise to drop it. A committee of five sisters, with Mrs. Irwin as chairman, was therefore appointed to take charge of this work, and carry it forward until this Conference. A small part of the work of this committee has been to supply matter for the “Woman’s Gospel Page” of the Review, the greater part being in the line of correspondence with the women of the church, in an endeavor to revive the old-time missionary spirit, and get them interested and engaged in a practical woman’s ministry both at home and abroad. GCB April 3, 1901, page 22.8

The Lord seems to have blessed the work thus far. Several conversions have been reported from among the requests for prayers that have been sent in, and have received attention at the weekly prayer-meeting. Husbands have been reclaimed from the drink and tobacco habits; discouraged ones have taken hold anew; the homeless, and those needing help and companionship, have been brought together; cases of destitution have been found and put in contact with those who were able and willing to help; the estranged have been brought together, and family and church difficulties have been settled. Temperance and Christian Help work in the church and neighborhood have been made prominent. Quite an amount of literature and clothing has been sent out by the committee, for free distribution. Sufficient cash donations have been received to pay postage and all incidental expenses connected with the work, besides several yearly subscriptions to the Review for worthy persons unable to pay for it themselves, and several small cash amounts used in extreme cases of need. If after hearing more full reports from this work, it is thought worthy of continuance, it will be the duty of this Conference to select, through its Nominating Committee or otherwise, some person, or persons, to have it in charge who can devote sufficient time and energy to carry it forward successfully. GCB April 3, 1901, page 22.9

I am admonished that I must close, although there are other important lines of work that deserve notice equally with those mentioned: but since we expect quite full reports from each, I will forbear further mention at this time. GCB April 3, 1901, page 23.1

Taken as a whole, our work is moving steadily onward, but not with that rapidity that the shortness of probationary time and the importance of our message demands. I can not close without again calling your attention to the thought expressed in the beginning, that should be the keynote of this Conference,—a thorough consecration of all that we are and have to the Lord, just now, that we may receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, for service both at home and in the regions beyond. GCB April 3, 1901, page 23.2