General Conference Bulletin, vol. 5


Addresses. (See “Sermons and Addresses.”)
To the Conference, by A. G. Daniells17-21
To the Conference, by Mrs. E. G. White29-33
“Unity of Effort”58, 59
“Our Duty to Leave Battle Creek84-88
“A Call to Repentance”88-91
“The Work Before Us”104-106
“The Southern Work”202-205
Advocate of Christian Education122, 123
Aged laborers, support of135
Annual Statistical Report of Confers and Missions118-121
Arkansas Conference, report concerning61, 62
Action regarding indebtedness217
Atlantic Coast, assistance to Conferences on20, 217
Removal of Gen. Conf. Offices to, suggested67, 84
Action regarding same100-103
Atlantic Union Conference.
Report of President of, and memorial34-36
Auditors’ Reports.
General Conference34
Mission Board38
Adoption of45
Gen. Conf. Assn.45
Material Fund, Relief of Schools186
Australasian Union Conference, Report of President of142, 173
Increase of territory196
Avondale school, work of143, 144
Indebtedness of185
Battle Creek, evils of centralizing in10, 85-87
Battle Creek College, removal of31
Indebtedness of185
Battle Creek, removal of General Conference offices from, suggested67
Statement concerning, by A. G. Daniells84
Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White upon84-88
Report of committee regarding100, 101
Consideration of report102
Battle Creek Sanitarium (see also “Sanitarium in Battle Creek,”) relation to58, 67
Bonding of, explained by Judge Arthur67
Statement regarding, by Mrs. E. G. White104-106
Remarks of J. H. Kellogg concerning work of82, 96
Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White concerning84-88
Bonds, investment in104, 105
Book sales for the year 1902118-121
Boulder Sanitarium, report concerning47
Brazilian Conference, admission of2
British Union Conference, report of93
Butler, Geo. I., report of, as president of the Southern Union Conference129-135
Canadian Publishing Association, report concerning45
Depository for French literature193
Canadian Union Conference, Report of President of45, 46
Raising of funds for school in185
Canvassing work, results of
In the Atlantic Union Conference34, 35
In the Pacific Union Conference49
In the Southwestern Union Conference61
In the Australasian Union Conference143
Statistical Report of118-121
Southern Union Conference,need of canvassers in134,135
Report of Publication Committee concerning193
Cash policy in denominational work,19, 103
Caterham (England) Sanitarium, report concerning93
Central Union Conference, Report of President of46, 47
Committee on foreign papers published in193
To assist Union College in raising means193
Transfer of territory for sale of publications194
Christiania Publishing House, payment of indebtedness of18
Indebtedness of, referred to58
To furnish large Scandinavian books for America and Europe193
“Christ’s Object Lessons.”
Results of work with, in general19
In the Atlantic Union Conf.35
In the Canadian Union Conf.45
In the Central Union Conf.46
In the Pacific Union Conf.49
In the Southwestern Union Conference61
In Great Britain139
In the Australasian Union Conference143
Report upon work, by P. T. Magan183-186
Churches, number of118-121
Church-schools, statistical report of118-121
Establishment of177
Teachers of193
Payment of177
Church buildings, number of118-121
Cities, carrying forward work in196, 217
Committee of Counsel, appointment of2
Report of. on committees for the session37
Committee on Delegations, appointment of37
On Institutions, suggested appointment of21
Appointment of37, 104
Partial report of67
Consideration of report73
Amendment of report81
Acceptance of, by Committee97
Consideration and adoption of report97-100
Report re Battle Creek College property216
On Nominations, appointment of37
Amended report of195
On Plans and Constitution, appointment of37, 62
Report of re assistance for foreign fields62
Report of. re removal of General Conference headquas67
Report of. re Mission Board and the Gen. Conf. Assn.100
Report of. re finances for work in poor Conferences, and also for the Southern field102, 196
Consideration of129
Report of. re Gen. Conf. Assn. the Southwestern Union Conf., and the account of Keene Academy135
Adoption of, report187, 188
Report of. re support of aged laborers, and dependent widows and orphans of deceased laborers135
Adoption of report187, 188
Report of. re Constitution of the General Conference145
Consideration of report147-173
On Credentials and Licenses, appointment of37
On Distribution of labor, appointment of37
Report of217
Publishing Committee, appointment of37
Report of193
On Finance, appointment of37, 104
On Education, appointment of37
Report of177
Committee on Institutions, standing committee, appointment of99, 216
Comparative statement of tithes and donations for sixteen years220
Conferences, local and Union, admission of1, 2
Statistical report of, for year 1902118-121
Constitution of the General Conference, as proposed145
Consideration of146-173
As amended and adopted218
Corrections. re appointment of Committee on Daily Program28
Re statement made by Mrs. E. G. White67, 176
Re remarks of A. T. Jones176
Re remarks of W. C. White176
Of minutes176, 186
Re West Virginia Conference220
Delegates present at opening meeting1, 3
Complete list of17
Denominational ownership of institutions67, 73,81,97-100,216
Dependent Widows and Orphans, support of135, 188, 189
Depositories, establishment of194
Distribution of Labor, committee on appointment of37
Report of217
Donations to Missions, from Sabbath-schools123, 220
To Haskell Memorial Home, from Sabbath-schools123, 220
East Caribbean Conf., admission of2
Education, committee on, appointment of37
Report of. re Sabbath-school Work123
Report of, re educational questions177
Educational Department, report of Secretary of109-112
Educational council, proposed, holding of216
Educational Questions, consideration of109-115, 177-183
Educational Institutions, removal of indebtedness of19
Establishment of, in Canadian Union Conference46
Establishment of in Northern Union Conference47
Work of, in the Pacific Union Conference49, 115
Educational work in Great Britain139, 185
In Europe140
In the Australasian Union Conference143
Finance Committee. appointment of37, 104
Financial policy19, 103
Financial reports:
Gen. Conf. Treasurer33, 34
Adoption of45
Gen. Conf. Assn. Treasurer37
Adoption of45
Mission Board37
Adoption of45
Southern Missionary Society199
“Material Fund.”186
Financial statements:
Canadian Union Conference46
Southern Union Conference130
Northern Union Conference46
Central Union Conference47
Southwestern Union Conference61
Pacific Union Conference50
Australasian Union Conference142
Foreign fields, financial assistance for10
Study of needs of20
Sending of workers to20
Recommendations of Gen. Conf. Con., re assistance for21
Assistance for, to be rendered by all Conferences
(Report of Committee regarding)62
Laborers in. supported by different Conferences72
Appropriations to, for year 1902118-121
Foreign Mission Board, legal trustees of195
Foreign papers, publication of46, 193
General Conference, improvement of financial condition of19
Report of Treasurer of33
Acceptance of45
General Conference Officers, for the biennial term195
General Conference Committee, recommendations of, re financial policy19, 20, 103
To choose Committee on foreign papers193
To have charge of the missionary operations of the Gen. Conf.195
Election of, for biennial term195
General Conference Association, Financial condition of19
Report of Treasurer of37
Reconsideration of apportionment ofindebtedness of Southwestern Union Conference to, asked62
Amount to be paid to by the Southwestern Union Conf.135, 187
Reduction of the number of members of, suggested100, 103
Nomination of members of, for biennial term195
General Conference headquarters, removal of, from Battle Creek67, 100-103
German East Africa, opening of127, 135, 196
German paper, publication of46, 193
German publications193
Germans, the work among, in America193
German Union Conference, report of94
Graysville School, referred to130, 131, 184
Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White concerning203
Graysville Sanitarium131
Great Britain, remarks upon, by E. J. Waggoner137
Haskell Memorial Home, donations to123, 220
Headquarters of the General Conference, removal of67, 100-103
Healdsburg College, report concerning49
Indebtedness of184
Hunstville school, financial assistance to102
Work of, referred to130, 132
Indebtedness of184
Relation to200
Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White concerning203
Institutes, educational, holding of177, 216
Institutions, denominational, ownership of67, 97-100
Institutions, committee on, appointment of37, 104
Partial report of67
Consideration of73
Amendment of report81
Acceptance by Committee97
Consideration and adoption of report97-100
Report of, re Battle Creek College property216
Appointment of standing Committee on216
Intermediate schools, establishment of177
Jamaican Conference, admission of2
Keene Academy, report concerning61
Amount to be paid to the Gen. Conf. Assn., by district135
Consideration of187
Indebtedness of184
Keene Sanitarium61
Louisiana, transfer of, to the Southwestern Union Conference, suggested62
“Material Fund” for“Christ’s Object Lessons,” report upon185
Medical Missionary work, to be encouraged31
Consideration of60
In the Pacific Union Conference49
In the Southern Union Conference196
Membership of churches for year 1902118-121
From the Atlantic Union Conference Executive Committee36
From the Southwestern Union Conference62
Referred to the Committee on Plans and Constitution100
Final disposition of same217
From Virginia217
Mexico, the work in62, 195
Remarks upon. by Geo. M. Brown215
Minority report of Committee on Constitution146
Minutes, official. of session17
Mission Board. work of, during biennial period20
Relationship of, to work in the home field20
Report of Treasurer of37
Adoption of45
Donation of, to Canadian Union Conference45
Discontinuance of, suggested100, 103
Final action concerning195
Legal Trustees of195
Missions, offerings to19
Statistical report of, for year 1902118-121, 220
Offerings to. from the Sabbath-schools123, 220
Missionary enterprises, support of19, 118-121, 220
Mount Vernon Academy, indebtedness of184
Nashville Publishing House, resolutions concerning135, 186
Assistance to be rendered203
“Nashville as a Center,” by Mrs. E. G. White202
New conferences, admission of2
New York Branch of the Pacific Press194
New York City, location of the Gen. Conf. headquarters in, suggested100-103
Importance of work in102-104
Nominations. Committee on, appointment of37
Amended report of195
Northern Union Conference, report of President of47
Offerings to missions19
For the year 1902118-121
Organization, general consideration of subject of145-164
Pacific Press Publishing Co., New York Branch of, transfer of194
Pacific Medical Missionary and Benevolent Assn., work of49
Pacific Union Conference, report of President of48-50
Publication Committee, appointment of37
Report of193
Publishing Work in the Australasian Union Conference143
Publishing Houses, rates of, to Union Conferences194
A Call to203
Publishing work, general advisory committee for North America194
Relief of Schools, report concerning183-186
Removal of the General Conference offices, suggested67, 84
Action regarding same100-103
Financial, General Conference33, 34
Adoption of45
General Conference Association37
Adoption of45
Mission Board37
Adoption of45
Relief of Schools185
Southern Missionary Society200
Statistical118-121, 220
Of Union Conferences:
See (“Union Conferences, reports of.”)
Report of Secretary of Educational
Department of the Gen. Conf.109-112
Report of Corresponding Secretary of the S. S. Dept. of the Gen. Conf.116-123
Report, Statistical, of Conferences and Missions, for year 1902118-121
Report of Southern MIssionary Society, by J. E. White199
Reorganization of Gen. Conf., as brought about during biennial period18
Review and Herald Publishing House, removal of, to the Atlantic Coast85
Definite recommendation194
Recommendations concerning the paper, and transfer of interests216
Donation of, to Canadian Union Conference45
Donation of, to Southern Union Conference131
River Plate Conference, admission of2
Sabbath school work, consideration of72, 196
Recommendations concerning, introduction of123
Consideration and adoption of124, 125, 196, 197
Sabbath-school Department, report of Cor. Sec., of116-123
Location of125
Sabbath-schools, statistical report regarding118-121
Comparative report of membership and contributions for 16 years220
Sabbath keepers, number of, 1902118-121
Sanitarium in Battle Creek, bonding of, explained by Judge Arthur67
Erection of in Battle Creek58, 67
Work of, remarks by Mrs. E. G. White concerning86, 87
Bonding of, statement regarding,by Mrs.E.G. White104-106
Remarks of J. H. Kellogg concerning work of82, 96
Sanitariums, erection of large, to be discouraged31, 105
Establishment of, in Canadian Union Conference46
Work of, in the Central Union Conference47
Work of, in the Pacific Union Conference49
Work of, in the Southwestern Union Conference61
Proper place for establishment of87, 88, 203
Establishment of, in England93
In the Southern field131, 196,203
Establishment of, in the Australasian Union Conference143
“A Call to Our Sanitariums”203
Scandinavian Union Conference, report of92
Scandinavians, the work among, in America193
Schools, relief of, report concerning183-186
Teachers of193
Support of177
Sermons and Addresses
“The Time and the Work,” by W. W. Prescott3-7
“Lessons from the Sending out of the Spies,” by Mrs. E. G. White7-11
“The Song of Victor,” by G. A. Irwin11-15
The President’s address, by A. G. Daniells17-21
“Our Time, Our Work and Opening Providences,” by A. G. Daniells22-25
“God’s Hand in the Work,” by L. R. Conradi25-28, 38, 39
“Lessons from Josiah’s Reign,” by Mrs. E. G. White29-33
“What It Means To Be a Church-Member,” by A. T. Jones40-44
“The Gospel Message for To-day,” W. W. Prescott50-55
“How to Receive God’s Blessing,” by Mrs. E. G. White55, 56
“A Prayer for Pardon and Help,” by Mrs. E. G. White56, 57
“Unity of Effort,” by Mrs. E. G. White58, 59
“The Gospel of the Kingdom,” by E. J. Waggoner68-72
“Our Duty to Leave Battle Creek,” by Mrs. E. G. White84-88
“A Call to Repentance,” by Mrs. E. G. White88-91
“The Work before Us,” by Mrs. E. G. White104-106
“Conditions Necessary to the Finishing of the Work, by A. G. Daniells106-108
“Can Our Greatest Curses Become Our Grandest Blessings?” by D. Paulson125-127
“Experiences in Europe: Opening German East Africa,” by L. R. Conradi127, 128, 135-137
Great Britain,” by E. J. Waggoner137-140
“In the South Pacific Islands,” by E. H. Gates141, 142
“Study of Education,” by E. J. Waggoner175, 176, 198, 199
“The Southern Work,” by Mrs. E. G. White202-205
“Christian Education,” by T. A. Jones205-213
“An Educational Health Campaign,” by S.P.S. Edwards213-215
Skodsborg Sanitarium93
Smith, Uriah, memorial services for192
Southern field, to be worked10, 31, 104, 105, 199-205
Assistance for20
Appropriations to, during eight years20
Financial assistance for102, 135, 216
Sabbath-school lessons to be adapted for123
Resolutions respecting, by C. P. Bollman135
Adoption of186, 187
Resolutions respecting financial assistance for196
Establishment of Sanitariums in196, 203
Southern Missionary Society, work of132, 133, 184, 196
Report regarding, by J. E. White199-202
Southern Union Conference, report of President of129-135
Southern Medical Missionary Association, financial assistance for102, 196
Southern Publishing Association, report concerning130, 133
Resolutions respecting135
Adoption of186, 187
South Lancaster Academy, report concerning35
Indebtedness of184
South Pacific Islands, remarks upon, by F. H. Gates141
Southwestern Union Conference, report of President of61, 62
Memorial from62, 217
Financial assistance for102
Amount to be paid by, for Keene Academy135, 187
“Southwestern Union Record,” circulation of61
South African Union Conference, organization of2
Spanish literature, publication of62, 193
Standing Committees to be appointed:
On Institutions99, 216
On Publishing Work194
Statistical report of Conf. and Missions for 1902118-121
Of Union Conferences220
Swedish paper, publication of46, 193
Sydney Sanitarium143, 175
Ten-cent-a week plan21, 62
Tithe, appropriation of to foreign fields21
Report of committee regarding62
Faithful payment of104
Statistical report of, for Conferences and Missions for 1902118-121
To be used for support of aged laborers, or their widows and orphans135, 188
Comparative statement of, for sixteen years220
Transportation Agents for the General Conference, for the biennial term195
Treasurers’ Reports, General Conference33, 34
General Conference Association37
Mission Board37
“Material Fund,”185
Southern Missionary Society200
Union College, report concerning46
Indebtedness of46, 184
To assist Central Union Conference in raising means193
Union Conferences, number organized, territory of specified, and admission of1, 2
To establish book depositories194
Reports of-
Atlantic Union34-36
Canadian Union45-46
Southern Union129-135
Northern Union47
Central Union46
Southwestern Union61
Pacific Union48-50
Australasian Union142, 173
European General Conference62, 92-95
Comparative report of statistics of220
Wahroonga Sanitarium143, 175
Walla Walla College, report concerning49
Indebtedness of184
Widows and Orphans of laborers, support of135, 188, 189
Workers, death of, during biennial term18
Number of, sent to foreign
fields during biennial term20
To be encouraged to enter foreign fields21
Statistical report of, for 1902118-121
Credentials and licenses to216
Yearly Statistical report of Conferences and missions118-121
Young people’s work, report of122
Development of196

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