General Conference Bulletin, vol. 5



I do not see how any true Advent believer can face this situation without being most deeply impressed with the call that is in the very situation itself. And the call that is in the situation certainly emphasizes two things: First, all the hindrances must be removed; all bands must be broken; this message must go free. Second, No human power or human wisdom is sufficient to grapple with the situation now, and there must for this service come upon the servants of God in this generation what came upon the servants of God in that first generation, that they might do the work in their day, and that is the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Two things are emphasized by the very situation itself that we face: First, hindrances must be removed; bands must be broken; this message must go free; and, second, there must come upon those who hope to see the end before this generation passes from the stage of action, the endowment of the power of the Holy Spirit. GCB March 30, 1903, page 6.3

It is utterly useless for us to repeat phrases, to reiterate sermons, to speak again those same words as we have spoken them over and over again. There must be the dawning of a new day in this message. There must be a new experience. There must be a vitalizing power of the Spirit of God upon the servants of God, or it is hopeless. Now, what is the responsibility that rests upon those who profess to be the servants of God, called to do God’s work in this generation? If anything ought to bring us down before God, that we may be endued with power from on high, it is the very situation that faces us this very night. I am not conjuring up things for a scare. I am speaking words of truth and soberness. But I want this Conference to be willing like men of God to face that situation, and know what it means to each one individually. GCB March 30, 1903, page 6.4

Now, further, I must tell you that to-day there are being urged upon this people interpretations of this message that will throw it beyond the limits of this generation. I must tell you that there are plans, methods of operation, policies, being urged upon this people now that, if accepted, throw it beyond any possibility of finishing the work in this generation. And I say to every one that we stand now facing a situation where we must do one of two things: We must take our stand in a clear and definite manner upon a definite message to be finished in this generation, or we must back off from the ground we have been attempting to occupy for these years. It is too late in the day now to occupy any longer an inconsistent position concerning this message and its work. And I urgently ask this General Conference to face this matter in all its deliberations, in all its plans, in everything which is brought before it. I ask them to keep in mind this one idea,—the hour of His judgment is come. This is the last generation, and this is the last end of the last generation. Anything that tends to delay longer, anything that tends to confuse the mind, anything that tends to wreck faith in this message, anything that will interfere with a clear-cut, definite work in a clear way, must be set aside at this Conference. GCB March 30, 1903, page 6.5

This is our only hope, and I plead for it, not in order to deliver a sermon, but in order to deliver my soul. GCB March 30, 1903, page 6.6