Hand Book of Health



Organ of smell: its structure, action, and care.-The eye: its structure, and action.-The medium of sight.-Seeing illustrated.-Care of the eye.-The ear: its structure, action, benefit.-Diseases of the ear, and proper care.-The organ of taste, the tongue: its structure, and action.-What a healthy taste is.-Sense of touch.-The skin described.-Its derma, epiderma, sweat glands, hair follicles, nails, etc.-Action of the skin as a depurating and breathing organ.-Care of the skin.-Bathing.-Instructions about bathing.-Colds: how produced, how cured.-The clothing as related to the care of the skin

284. What are the organs of external sense? HBH 125.1

Those organs of the animal machine which bring it into relation with external objects are five: smell, sight, hearing, taste, and feeling, or sense of touch. The first four are situated in the head, while the organ of touch is distributed over the entire skin of the body. HBH 125.2