Heavenly Visions



There are already many useful books in the hands of the people, and my only apology for adding another to that list, is the fact that in these pages is a compilation of many things concerning Seventh-day Adventism not generally known. Elder J. N. Loughborough, having been familiar with the Advent Movement from the very early days in 1844 up to the time of his death in 1924 at the ripe old age of 93, has given us a wealth of information in various books, pamphlets, and periodicals in the past that are rich in valuable information. Many in the faith know little or nothing about these messages. In order to strengthen our faith in the Advent message, every believer ought to review these messages over and over again, especially since we are approaching the end of time, and every one of us will be tested again on these strong points which are of highest importance. Elder Loughborough and other pioneers have written out some of their experiences-what they have seen, and heard and felt. They were eye witness for the providential leadings of the Lord from the very beginning of the Advent Movement. Let us read very carefully the following words from the pen of Ellen White: As witnesses for Christ, we are to tell what we know, what we ourselves have seen and heard and felt. If we have been following Jesus step by step, we shall have something right to the point and to tell concerning the way in which He has led us. We can tell how we have tested His promise, and found the promise true .... This is the witness for which our Lord calls, and for want of which the world is perishing. The Desire of Ages, 340. And this is exactly what Elder J. N. Loughborough and other pioneers have done in writing out their experiences-what they have SEEN, and HEARD and FELT. Elder Loughborough had the rare privilege to be present and witness the operations of the gift of prophecy about 50 times in 45 years. In this volume you will find a compilation of some 50 articles that appeared in the Review and Herald from time to time, written by Elder Loughborough. Such facts as Elder Loughborough has given us should have far more weight with the reader than random statements that may be given by those who have never been present on such occasions. To my knowledge Elder Loughborough’s books and periodicals are out of print today. I paid a high price to obtain some of his books that were printed in the early days of the Advent Movement. Many of his periodicals in the Review and Herald are priceless, and for this reason I have gone to the time, effort and expense to reprint some of his outstanding articles from those publications. Elder Loughborough was especially privileged to see Ellen White in vision some 50 times in 45 years. These experiences are recounted in the articles in this volume. Surely these messages will bring great joy to our hearts afresh, as we are at the very border of the eternal world. I for one, am homesick for heaven, and these messages have thrilled my heart-surely they bear repeating. If we ever needed these messages to encourage us, it is now. Elder Loughborough was one of the prominent pioneers connected with the beginning of the Advent Movement. He was ordained to the gospel ministry at the early age of 22 years. Closely associated with Elder and Mrs. James White in the building up of the general interests of the cause, he pioneered both in California and in Great Britain. In 1908, being then 76 years of age, he began a tour of the world in the course of which he visited all our leading centers in Europe, Africa, and Australia. His presence everywhere imparted new life and interest in the believers, for he could speak authoritatively concerning many aspects of the work in its beginning. Elder Loughborough was the author of many tracts, pamphlets, articles, and periodicals, as well as of that well-known work The Great Second Advent Movement. He wrote much for our leading papers, especially the Review and Herald. He lived through the Alpha Apostasy. His messages are of vital importance to all who believe the Third Angel’s message. To the very end of his long life he took a lively interest in all things pertaining to the early history of our work, and was enthusiastic in his efforts to assist any who were endeavoring to get data on the subject. He continued his work faithfully till the infirmities of his age made it necessary to give up his heavier burdens. He spent his last years residing in Lodi, California, and passed away at the St. Helena Sanitarium on April 7, 1924, being then 93 years of age. HEVI 5.1

The truths that Elder Loughborough brought out in regard to the Testimonies of the Spirit of Prophecy, reveal the fact that they meet the universal needs of all mankind, and stand foursquare against all the words of error that can ever blow against them. The following messages tell us why we should repeat the words of the pioneer in our work who knew what it cost to lay the foundation of that work: We are to repeat the words of the pioneers in our work who knew what it cost to search for the truth as for hidden treasure, and who labored to lay the foundation of our work. They moved forward step by step under the influence of the Spirit of God. One by one these pioneers are passing away. The word given me is, “Let that which these men have written in the past be reproduced.” The Review and Herald, May 25, 1905. And again we read further these words: The record of the experience through which the people of God passed in the early history of our work must be republished. Many of those who have since come into the truth are ignorant of the way in which the Lord wrought. The experiences of William Miller and his associates, of Captain Joseph Bates, and of other pioneers in the advent message, should be kept before our people. ELDER LOUGHBOROUGH’S BOOK should receive attention. Our leading men should see what can be done for the circulation of this book. Letter 105, 1903. I have been instructed that we should make prominent the testimony of some of the old workers who are now dead. Let them continue to speak through their articles as found in the early numbers of our papers. These articles should be reprinted, that there may be a living voice from the Lord’s witnesses. The history of the early experience in the message will be a power to withstand the masterly ingenuity of Satan’s deceptions. This instruction has been repeated recently, I must present before the people the testimonies of Bible truth, and repeat the decided messages given years ago. I desire that my sermons given at camp meeting and in churches may live and do their appointed work. Counsels to Writers and Editors, 26. God has led out men who have toiled for years, who have been willing to make any sacrifice, who have suffered privation and endured trials to bring the truth before the world, and by their consistent course remove the reproach that fanatics have brought upon the cause of God. They have met opposition in every form. They have toiled night and day in searching the evidences of our faith that they might bring out the truth in its clearness, in connected form, that it might withstand all opposition. Incessant labor and mental trials in connection with this great work have worn down more than one constitution and prematurely sprinkled heads with gray hairs. They have not worn out in vain. God has marked their earnest, tearful, agonizing prayers that they might have light and truth, and that the truth might shine in its clearness to others. He has marked their self-sacrificing efforts, and He will reward them as their works have been. On the other hand, those who have not toiled to bring out these precious truths have come up and received some points like the Sabbath truth, which are all prepared to their hand, and then all the gratitude they manifest for that which cost them nothing, but others so much, is to rise up like Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, and reproach those upon whom God has laid the burden of His work. They would say, “Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the Lord is among them.” They are strangers to gratitude. They possess a strong spirit which will not yield to reason and which will lead them on to their own destruction. Testimonies for the Church 1:419-20. Part I of this volume gives photostatic copies of Elder Loughborough’s 50 articles from the Review and Herald, written in the 1890’s and the early part of this century, mainly during the Alpha Apostasy. May we all, in this study, follow the advice of the apostle Paul to “Prove all things: hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) In Part II of this volume Elder Loughborough also gives references to others who also witnessed the manifestations of the gift of prophecy. I have also included other pioneer workers who were connected with the Advent Movement in the early days, whose words are of vital importance to use in these closing days of earth’s history. It is my earnest hope and desire that careful and prayerful perusal of the pages that follow will confirm our confidence in the eternal word of God, that it will give us a deeper appreciation of the rich blessings provided for us in the Spirit of Prophecy, and that it will lead the reader to enjoy to a fuller degree the wonderful joys of fellowship in the church of Christ here below-while preparing for the joys in the everlasting kingdom of our God. LEAH SCHMITKE, Compiler HEVI 6.1