Sabbath-School Worker


August 1, 1893

Touch Christ, Then Humanity


The reason we do not see more accomplished in the conversion of souls is that those who are connected with the work are not satisfied to labor with Christlike simplicity. When they shall be clothed with humility as with a garment, when the work that should be done in their souls has been wrought there by the Holy Spirit, they will not need that any man should teach them, for they will have a connection with the Divine Teacher. They will touch Christ, and then just as surely touch the people. There is not a moment in which Christ is not exerting himself in our behalf, nor a moment in which Satan does not seek to hedge up the way of the progress of those who believe, lest they should become channels of light. By faith we may overcome the enemy and become agents for the work of God. It is cruel unbelief that keeps the soul tossed to and fro in constant uncertainty, and disqualifies many for the work of saving sinners. How much we might be doing! Golden opportunities that are beyond estimate are presented to us, by which we might do a work above every work, and win souls for whom Christ has paid the purchase of his own blood; and yet through unbelief these mighty works are left undone. Why not elevate the soul to comprehend the greatness of the work intrusted to our hands? SSW August 1, 1893, par. 1

There are many workers that have become religious dwarfs, because, though having a name to be workers, they fold their hands and do nothing to strengthen and bless others. Many are apparently busy in the work of God, and yet their hearts are not pure, their efforts are not unselfish. They are proud and self-sufficient, and therefore inefficient. They know not what it is to have heart holiness, and therefore are lifted up in their own estimation; for they are not right with God. God will accept of nothing less than the whole heart. There must be an entire renunciation of self, and every physical, mental, and moral faculty must become perfectly sanctified to the Master's use. If ever we have fellowship with Christ in his glory, we must have fellowship with him in his humiliation. Ample provisions have been made whereby man may have divine power through the exercise of faith. Oh, that we all might urge our petitions to the throne of grace, pleading that we might have views of the glory of God, even here in this mortal state! Feeble and dim may be our visions of Him who dwelleth in light, and yet we may see and be charmed with the beauty of the divine character, and by beholding may be changed into his image, that we may see him as he is when he shall come to be admired by all his saints. We shall look upon his glory then, and no shadow will intervene. God help us to be followers of Jesus, to love as he loved, to work as he worked, and finally be crowned with glory, honor, and immortality. SSW August 1, 1893, par. 2