Sunday Legislation


Sunday Legislation (1908?)

[CD-ROM Editor’s Note: This is the last chapter in A. T. Jones’ work The Divine Right of Individuality in Religion. While the complete work is not included in this collection, we felt this chapter was a good history on this topic.]

Whence came Sunday Legislation? SLOC 3.1

What is its origin? What is its character? SLOC 3.2

What does it mean to the people of the States, of the United States, and of the world? SLOC 3.3

These questions are pre-eminently pertinent everywhere in the United States today; for in the States and in the Nation, Sunday legislation is universally demanded; before Congress and State legislatures Sunday legislation is constantly urged. SLOC 3.4

Also for another reason these questions are not only pertinent, but all important. That reason is that it is through Sunday legislation that all the autocracies, all the governments of law, all the unions of Church and State, and all the churches as such, are to be enlisted and combined under the pressure of denominational, international, and world Federation of religion, for the domination of the whole world in religion. The whole movement for the federation of the world in religion, culminates pre-eminently in the one thing of Sunday observance, and this by law. SLOC 3.5