The Three Angels of Revelation 14:6-12



1. Near bottom of page 20, read ‘verse 7’, for ‘verse 9’. TAR 144.4

2. Page 92, read threefold for “tenfold.” TAR 144.5

3. Same page, in statistics of Sq. miles of Territory, read 800,000, instead of “300,000.” TAR 144.6

[CD-ROM Editor’s Note: The book from which this document was copied had on the inside of what was apparently its back cover (a greenish paper cover, with no numbered page) a portion of a poem. In checking The Advent Review, and Sabbath Herald, the more complete poem was located in the March 6, 1855 issue, just above an article “The Second Angel” by J. N. Andrews in his series “The Three Angels of Revelation 14:6-12.” The poem’s title, author, and first eight verses are given here as they appeared in the Review. These would have appeared on the previous, facing page. It is not known at present if the previous side of that sheet had other contents. A more complete version of the poem may be found in the book Home Here, and Home in Heaven; with Other Poems, 1855.]