The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 4


CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE : Earliest Ministerial Recruits Join the Cause

Let us drop back again to 1838 and become better acquainted with Miller’s earliest ministerial recruits, the first four men to rally unreservedly to his second advent banner, in 1838 and 1839. Let us scan their backgrounds, their talents, training, standing, and diverse religious affiliations. Let us note their special characteristics and individual contributions. They formed a unique and outstanding quartet. Few movements have drawn together such a diversified and able leadership as soon allied itself with the advent cause led by William Miller. First, we would introduce Josiah Litch, able Methodist minister. Then will follow Charles Fitch, godly Presbyterian revivalist. Next, Captain Joseph Bates, stalwart sea captain and world traveler, and finally Joshua V. Himes, peerless publicist—both of the Christian Connection. These four, however, were soon to be joined by a host of other lights, some of lesser and some of even greater brilliance. Miller, of course, was a Baptist. PFF4 528.1