The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 3



TRIBUTE is due, first of all to the farsighted vision and generous provision of the officers and executive committee of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which made possible this extensive investigation. Faith in this project, and a sufficient annual budget, enabled the investigation to go forward with continuity for more than thirteen years. The quest not only involved intensive search throughout the great American historical archives, but included two extensive research trips abroad, in 1935 and 1938, to the great literary institutions and historical archives scattered over Continental Europe and Great Britain. PFF3 753.1

The hundreds of original source documents secured, and the thousands of supplemental photostats and microfilms obtained in these research tours, covering both Old World and New, now comprise what is known as the Advent Source Collection. Here is to be found the bulk of the documentation for all four volumes of The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers. This unique library—the largest assemblage in its field ever to be brought together in one place—is housed in a special vault in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, at Takoma Park, Washington, D.C. The value of the Collection has been enhanced, it should be added, by the fact that many of the priceless European originals, from which the photostat copies were made, have been destroyed by the desolating ravages of World War II. PFF3 753.2

Deep indebtedness is next expressed to those great American and European repositories of the book and periodical writings of men from which the majority of the sources have been obtained for this volume. While important individual items were secured from various smaller institutions and private libraries too numerous to list, the great majority of the treatises cited were consulted in, and photostatic copies obtained for study and verification from, the great libraries, historical societies, and universities hereafter listed. The uniform helpfulness of the directors, librarians, and curators of these great archives, which made this quest possible and successful, will ever be held in grateful memory. Extraordinary courtesies were so often extended as to make the investigation a joyous venture. Especial thanks is here tendered the following institutions for most of the sources for this volume: PFF3 753.3

Andover Theological Seminary, Cambridge, Mass. PFF3 753.4

American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. PFF3 753.5

Aurora College, Aurora, III. PFF3 753.6

Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France. PFF3 753.7

Bibliotheque Publique et Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland. PFF3 753.8

Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Mass. PFF3 753.9

Boston Public Library, Boston, Mass. PFF3 754.1

British Museum, London, England. PFF3 754.2

Cambridge University, Cambridge, England. PFF3 754.3

Columbia University, New York City. PFF3 754.4

Congregational Library, Boston, Mass. PFF3 754.5

General Theological Library, New York City. PFF3 754.6

Harvard University, and its Houghton Library, Cambridge, Mass. PFF3 754.7

Huntington Library, San Marino, Calif. PFF3 754.8

John Carter Brown Library, Providence, R. I. PFF3 754.9

Kungliga Biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden. PFF3 754.10

Library of Congress, and its Rare Book Division, Washington, D.C. PFF3 754.11

Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Mass. PFF3 754.12

Nationalbibliothek, Vienna, Austria. PFF3 754.13

New York Public Library, and its Reserve Division, New York City. PFF3 754.14

Oxford University, Oxford, England. PFF3 754.15

Preussische Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, Germany. PFF3 754.16

Review and Herald Library, Takoma Park, D.C. PFF3 754.17

S.D.A. Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C. PFF3 754.18

Union Catalogue and Inter-Library Loan Divisions of Library of Congress (through which single volumes have been borrowed for photostating or microfilming from libraries all over the United States and Canada). PFF3 754.19

Union Theological Seminary, New York City. PFF3 754.20

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland. PFF3 754.21

Special acknowledgment is here recorded for efficient collaboration in the quest for non-English sources. The following joined in the investigation in the respective European libraries: F. A. Dörner, in the libraries of Berlin and Vienna; Jean Vuilleumier, in the libraries of Paris; Alfred Vaucher, in the libraries of Geneva, Rome, and Torre Pellice; G. A. Lindsay, in the Royal Library at Stockholm. W. E. Read aided materially through extensive search for elusive English items in the libraries of Great Britain. Others aided in these and other libraries. PFF3 754.22

Lasting obligation is likewise recorded here for the generous time and thought given by readers of this Volume 3 in manuscript form. Their constructive suggestions have materially aided in improving the product. The importance of this venture, and its pioneering character in a relatively untouched field, as well as its contemplated use as a text and reference work, called for unusually thorough scrutiny. Indebtedness is here expressed to the following readers: PFF3 754.23

R. A. Anderson, Department of Theology, S.D.A. Theological Seminary. PFF3 754.24

H. M. Blunden, secretary Publishing Department, General Conference. PFF3 754.25

L. L. Caviness, professor of Biblical languages. Pacific Union College. PFF3 754.26

A. W. Cormack, associate secretary, General Conference. PFF3 754.27

C. B. Haynes, secretary, War Service Commission. PFF3 754.28

F. D. Nichol, editor, Review and Herald, Washington, D.C. PFF3 754.29

A. W. Peterson, secretary, Missionary Volunteer Department. PFF3 754.30

W. E. Read, former president, Northern European Division. PFF3 755.1

D. E. Rebok, president, S.D.A. Theological Seminary. PFF3 755.2

D. E. Robinson, E. G. White Publications staff. PFF3 755.3

A. W. Spalding, director of Social Service, Madison College. PFF3 755.4

W. H. Teesdale, former professor of history, Pacific Union College. PFF3 755.5

M. R. Thurber, book editor, Review & Herald Publishing Association. PFF3 755.6

H. A. Washburn, former professor of history, Pacific Union College. PFF3 755.7

Appreciation is also expressed to these special readers of technical sections: To A. Vaucher, principal, Séminaire Adventiste, Collonges, Haute-Savoie, France, on Lacunza; to G. A. Lindsay, president of the East Nordic Union; L. K. Tobiassen, former editor, Tidens Tale, Oslo, Norway; O. C. Granlund, editor, Sions Vaktare, Brookfield, Illinois; G. E. Nord, secretary of the Scandinavian Department of Bureau of Home Missions, and R. W. Engström, Swedish minister, Greater New York Conference, on the child preachers of Sweden; and to A. V. Olson, former president, and W. R. Beach, president of the Southern European Division, Bern, Switzerland, on Louis Gaussen. PFF3 755.8

Because of the technical nature of the work, extraordinary measures have been taken by the publishers not only to verify all direct quotations and indirect references, but to check the context as well as all pertinent facts and dates cited. This task, extending over many months, has been most competently done by M. R. Thurber, book editor of the Review and Herald Publishing Association, and his efficient assistants. PFF3 755.9

Finally, to those faithful “ground forces,” so often unsung because usually unseen—secretaries, copy editors, proofreaders, artists, and printers who have all contributed to the mechanical excellence of the finished product—this acknowledgment is gratefully extended. PFF3 755.10