The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 3


Introduction to Volume III

ONE may easily become confused by the complex history of the centuries with their conflicting crosscurrents and eddies of prophetic interpretation. We must therefore keep the grand outline sharply before us. And we must occasionally take a comprehensive preview of that new portion of the path we are about to traverse. We must periodically lift our eyes from the microscopic examination of the immediate surroundings, to survey the centuries with telescopic sweep. Thus we may clearly envision the relation of part to part in the divine plan of the ages. PFF3 9.1

Each major epoch or event involves, not an isolated voice or two, but an impressive cluster of witnesses to recognized fulfillments of prophecy, an inescapable chorus of voices speaking for the time. This cumulative evidence gives to the history of the advent hope and the progressive development of prophetic interpretation their full force and significance. Let us, then, at the beginning of Volume 3, take such a preview and retrospect. PFF3 9.2