The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 3


CHAPTER TWO: Earliest Colonial Writings Include Prophecy

We now turn to the testimony of the earliest colonial stalwarts who wrote on prophecy-the stern Puritan John Cotton of Massachusetts, the Calvinist theologian Thomas Shepard of Cambridge, and the liberty-loving Baptist Roger Williams of Rhode Island. As the picture unfolds with its progression of names in succeeding chapters, the extent of the fields covered, the range of principles enunciated, and the essential unity of exposition on the part of these men of differing church affiliation, especially in regard to the Antichrist of prophecy in relation to the grand prophetic outline, will become increasingly impressive. Added to this is the diversity of life interests and professions of these expositors as men prominent in secular pursuits, as well as leading clergy, give themselves to the intensive study of prophecy. PFF3 33.1