The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


CHAPTER SEVEN: Columbus Impelled by Prophecies to Open New World

When we examine the witnesses of the centuries we see that most prophetic expositors are clerics, though some were laymen. Most of these were scholars, but a few were untutored. Some were historians, others scientists, and still others were poets or writers. Not a few were loyal sons of the church; others were outside the pale of those acknowledging the Papacy’s claims to spiritual supremacy. Now we come to the great century of discovery, and turn, strange as it may seem, to none other than the renowned discoverer, Christopher Columbus. Here is an example of how a profound conviction of the intent of prophecy—even though faulty—and a consciousness of helping to fulfill these prophecies, dominated the life of the “admiral of the oceans,” as he was called. PFF2 159.1

But before sketching his life and tracing his teachings in this field, we must first glance back over the centuries to get the background of the agelong controversy over the rotundity of the earth, and the conflict over Columbus’ conviction that he could reach the Indies by a westward course. Then the relationship to our quest will become evident. PFF2 159.2