The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Seventeenth Century Begins With Battle

Protestantism and Catholicism now stand face to face in opposition over the prophecies, each with its weapons of argument drawn. The issues having been clearly enunciated, the battle is begun between the distinctively Protestant and papal interpretations, the two positions being irreconcilable. Stalwarts in the Protestant ranks arose to defend and perfect the Historical School of interpretation, though some compromisers adopted the Catholic countertheories—particularly the Preterist scheme, which will soon be considered. PFF2 506.1

This chapter will be devoted to the continuation of this conflict, touching on the Jesuit Alcazar, projector of the Preterist counterinterpretation; Brightman, the English Presbyterian who answered Bellarmine’s challenges, as well as Pareus the German Calvinist. Notice will then be taken of Grotius of Holland, the first Protestant recruit to Preterism, and Hammond, its first convert in England. PFF2 506.2