The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2


Introduction to Volume II

VOLUME I in the four-volume set of The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers closes with the fascinating story of the dissentient Waldensian witnesses in the field of prophetic exposition, quite apart from the many writers noted within the dominant church of the Middle Ages. In order to complete the testimony of these Waldensian witnesses, the recital was followed through to the time of the mergence of their witness with that of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformers. At that junction the torch of evangelical faith, long borne aloft by these and other weary defenders of the apostolic faith, was picked up and carried forward by the fresh stalwarts of the Reformation. PFF2 9.1

We here return to the fourteenth century to pick up the line of prophetic exposition witness within the Roman church just where we left off, starting with Dante and Petrarch, at the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy. Like the early gray light of dawn, as the curtain of night is lifted slowly, before the sun touches the landscape with roseate hue, so the Renaissance followed the somber spiritual night of the Middle Ages, softened only by the starlight afforded through occasional scholars of note, ere the effulgent glow of the Protestant Reformation was seen. PFF2 9.2